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How different sectors leverage UGC

Check out our reports and see how the brands across the spectrum are using UGC to their benefit.

Dove Men+Care
& Headspace

In summer 2021, Dove Men+Care USA decided to team up with Headspace to help more men take care of themselves and their loved ones. The brand needed an intuitive platform to support the initiative and help them collect submissions from customers. Miappi’s technology was the solution they were looking for.

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The People’s Ad Break.

ITV chose Miappi to help launch The People’s Ad Break a intuitive UGC campaign that made the general public part of the ad break during prime time television. The idea was led by ITV’s in-house production team who were looking at ways to get their brand partners on screen at a time when shooting footage for television commercials was easier said than done.

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Project #ShowUs.

70% of women still don’t feel represented in media and advertising. Dove has taken action with Getty Images, Girlgaze and women everywhere to create Project #ShowUs – the world’s largest stock photo library created by women and non-binary individuals to shatter beauty stereotypes. Miappi was engaged by Dove to capture content uploaded by individuals inspired by the Project #ShowUs campaign. This campaign has earned Unilever and Dove a well-deserved silver Glass: Lion For Change award at Cannes Lions 2019.

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Get Vocal.

In November 2018, Miappi helped Sprite to encourage young voters to vocalise their political opinions in the midterm elections using the hashtag #getvocal. Knowing how important the youth vote would be to the campaign, Sprite directly targeted 18-30s using influences such as LeBron James and popular hip-hop artists.

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A Pod with a View.

The London Eye is a hugely popular tourist attraction on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. The giant ferris wheel offers spectacular views over central London and in May 2017 the company asked Miappi to help them improve customer engagement and increase visitor numbers by harnessing the power of user-generated content and owned social media.

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You Can with a Canon.

For the launch of the new M50 mirrorless camera, Canon looked to Miappi to provide a robust platform that would help deliver one of the most innovative social media campaigns to date.

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Heineken Experience.

In 2019, Miappi was selected to power the digital screens at the interactive Heineken Experience brewery in Amsterdam.

Using the Miappi Display feature on screens within the venue Heineken Experience has been able to highlight and emphasize the cherished moments shared on social media by previous happy visitors.

Boosting engagement
for Diageo’s

Using Miappi’s visual marketing engine to discover, curate and display social media content Diageo was able to measure key metrics regarding its website behaviour pre and post the Miappi integration. The results were hugely positive.

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Building a case for social
proof with Lego

In June 2017 Legoland Discovery Centers added Miappi to the websites of 10 North American attractions including Arizona, Boston, Dallas, Chicago and Toronto. Although still early in the trial we can already report that Miappi has increased dwell time, reduced bounce rate and increased Page Value.

Proud to be helping Rotary and all their causes

Following the success of the Rotary International Convention in May – which saw more than 44,000 Rotary members, from over 100 countries come together in Korea’s vast KINTEX centre – Miappi has been chosen to power social content.

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Showroom Displays
for Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Retail Group (MBRG) is the UK’s largest official retailer of new and used Mercedes-Benz cars. MBRG uses Miappi to collate content from their owned social channels to then broadcast on their franchise sites where they have Miappi Online embedded. As well as serving to showcase their stellar social, the social walls help to reinforce the group’s values, an unerring focus on quality and expertise.

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Puma’s Internal comms benefit from Miappi social walls

Since December 2015, Puma has chosen Miappi to power social media walls across screens within their London flagship store. Miappi’s software allows Puma’s visual content to be seamlessly blended together, giving viewers not only an overview of what Puma is promoting but also an understanding of how Puma fans are utilising and endorsing Puma.

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Driving conversions
for NetworkQ

NetworkQ ensured that their website received maximum engagement by using Miappi to discover, curate and distribute the best of this user-generated (earned) content. The most engaging comments, images and videos we displayed on their website.

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Bringing UGC to British Airways’ flagship event

In 2015 British Airways selected Miappi to power the digital screens at its Explore and Discover event held at Heathrow. 20,000 people attended the event and a pretty good number of those seemed to have something nice to say on social media! Miappi made sure all of that positive sentiment was collected and visualised on the day.

Powering social for Unilever’s Global Marketing Forum

In April 2016 Miappi featured prominently at Unilever’s global marketing forum, ‘Crafting Brands for Life in a Connected World’. Miappi was asked to bring Unilever’s mighty social presence into one very visual place during the event. Miappi powered four beautiful, animating social media walls that played on large screens either side of the stage, as well as an embedded social wall that appeared on the live webcast.

#ADayToUnite against cancer for CRUK and Miappi

On February 4th 2016 Miappi helped Cancer Research UK bring the voice of the people to screens across the United Kingdom. Using the hashtag #adaytounite, Miappi enabled CRUK to collect the messages of thousands of people across the UK and the world.

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New York Fashion week embraces social

As part of their Garance Doré Café pop-up for New York Fashion Week 2015, Cointreau selected Miappi to capture the social buzz around the week-long French-inspired venture. Miappi surfaced user-generated content around #CointreauSoiree and #GarancexCointreau on a social wall embedded on, stylishly showcasing the joie de vivre this small slice of Parisian life brought to an excited New York City public.

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Social proof vital for Vitality

Vitality is a health & life insurance company that offers personal and family protection, rewarding customers for being healthy. It is currently using Miappi for its #everydayathletes campaign, encouraging users to take note and do more of “the small things that can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing” and to engage with its hashtag by posting images of themselves being Everyday Athletes.

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Miappi Makes it Right for Three’s summer marketing campaign

As Three’s social media partner, Miappi delivered user-generated content to 220 Three stores nationwide for three months using the hashtag #MakeItRight. Three’s Social Media Walls were visible for all to see from the moment customers entered the store until the point of purchase.

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Sony like the sound of Miappi

Sony asked Miappi to create a profile for Irish rock band Kodaline. The resulting Miappi combines the band’s official feeds as well as user generated content (UGC) from their fans via Twitter #tag comments. Miappi pulls all of that social media into one convenient view allowing fans to feast their eyes on the band’s social output without app-hopping from network to network.

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Turning up the heat for Halfpops snacks

Halfpops decided to use Miappi to showcase the best of their customers social media content. Using the hashtag #halfpops , Miappi enabled Halfpops to draw in user generated social media content and showcase this on Halfpops’ homepage. The result is an array of images of satisfied customers eating Halfpops on the beach, hiking, at a football game and enjoying a range of different Halfpops flavours all over America.

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Rebel with a cause

Buckinghamshire-based brewery Rebellion Beer wanted to showcase the best of their owned social media content and UGC integrated on their website. Miappi allows Rebellion to extract their most valuable digital content from across the web and harness the voices of brand ambassadors (enthusiastic customers) to tell the story. The Rebellion brand has an easy way of capturing and sharing social stories of its customers via its website.

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Doug O’Neill Racing becomes a Social Media Thoroughbred

Doug O’Neill Racing, the training stable behind famous American thoroughbred and Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist, worked with Miappi to share its social content surrounding the stallion during the his 2016 3-year-old campaign. The famous horse trainer utilised Miappi’s vast functionality by using our visual marketing engine on its main website. Especially during match-days, Miappi allowed the Doug O’Neill team to increase its website traffic and fan engagement.

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Newbury Racecourse is leading the field with Miappi

World-class horse racing venue Newbury Racecourse has chosen to harness the power of Miappi’s visual marketing engine. The racecourse’s digital team have been working successfully with the social media wall tool to display live updates, brand-owned and user generated content on their home page and on screens at live events.

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Teaming up with Greenpeace to help to save the Arctic

Greenpeace Spain contacted Miappi in May 2016 during the peak of their on-going campaign “Save the Arctic”. Save the Arctic is an ongoing campaign started by Greenpeace in 2012, which aims at preventing oil drilling and industrial fishing in the Arctic. Dubbed by many as environmentalism’s biggest challenge yet, a potential catastrophe (e.g. a Deepwater Horizon situation) could put millions of lives at risk.

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Helping Crystal Palace to better leverage social content

London-based historic Premier League club Crystal Palace FC contacted Miappi in early 2016 while evaluating different options for their social media marketing strategy. As one of the most loved English clubs, Crystal Palace sought news ways of driving fan engagement and website traffic in the digital, social media age.

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Getting moore from your UGC with Miappi

Sydney’s home of public golf has been harnessing the power of user-generated content with help from Miappi since 2016 with incredible results.

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Bringing UGC to live events with a social aggregator

Freeman EMEA, a subsidiary of Freeman, the world’s largest brand experience company, has been using Miappi since late 2015. Freeman use Miappi for both Internal Communications solutions and international events in London’s biggest venues.

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Fostering positive culture though social content

Oldham College, established in 1893, is a Further Education college in the Great Manchester area which accepts around 10,000 students every year to study over 500 full time and part time courses plus apprenticeships. Back in January 2016, Oldham College reached out to Miappi in order to evaluate whether a content marketing engine like ours could help them with their social media marketing strategy.

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