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Enhance your user-generated content use case by integrating Miappi with industry leading

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Making content work. Our BrandHub is Your Marketing Companion. By using Miappi with Adgistics technology, you are able to upload rights-managed images and videos to the Adgistics Brandhub, where your UGC can be managed and distributed to other stakeholders in your content marketing ecosystem.


Miappi is compatible with Adobe Templated and Adobe Classic. Build an integration and create Miappi gallery ‘Components’ to drag and drop into your website - a process that makes it super-easy to get UGC into your web and ecommerce channels.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce is built for enterprise on a scalable, open-source platform with unparalleled security, premium performance, and a low total cost of ownership. Integrate Miappi with your Adobe Commerce or Magento store to boost consumer confidence by integrating shoppable UGC along the path to purchase.


As UK’s leading AV installer and service provider, AVMI designs, delivers and maintains audio visual and digital media technology solutions – nationally and globally – to large corporate companies, retailers, and government departments. Our partnership with AVMI as a leading content curation platform, enables us to best supply the best business solutions cost-effectively.

How to use Miappi with AVMI


BrightSign is a market leader in digital signage media players. Using Miappi Display templates you can bring dynamic, user-generated images, videos and reviews to your digital signage and DOOH screens. User BrightSign for in-store displays, live events, conferences, kiosks and more.

How to use Miappi with BrightSign


Light up the world. We make it easy to buy, sell and deliver out-of-home media across the globe. Using Miappi Display feature, you can show fantastic UGC content on all of your Broadsign digital signage and DOOH screens.

How to use Miappi with Broadsign


NetDirector® Auto-e. Without ecommerce, your website isn't complete. Using Miappi Embed feature, you can add impactful user-generated content to your Gforces pages to generate higher engagement and conversions.

How to use Miappi with Gforces


Social is your superpower. Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard. Find out how you can add UGC to your social media campaigns using the new Miappi for Hootsuite app.

How to use Miappi for Hootsuite


Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform and. Now Miappi can bring more authenticity to your Shopify pages by adding user-generated content to the purchase path. Websites featuring UGC benefit from higher conversion rates than those without.

How to use Miappi with Shopify


Behind every review is an experience that matters. Trustpilot is free and open to every company and consumer everywhere. The new Miappi for Trustpilot integration makes it easy to drive more reviews and to pair those reviews with rich media such as images and video.


Connect Miappi with WooCommerce, an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Inject authentic customer images and videos into your WooCommerce store to build trust and win new customers.



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