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What we believe

Our mission is to help our partners and their clients to collect, curate and visualize the very best content from around the web. Since 2012 we have been helping our customers identify their most valuable content for display wherever it has maximum impact on the audience.
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How we achieve it

Today, Miappi’s intelligent platform uses machine learning and AI technologies to collect and curate brand owned and user generated (earned) content from feeds including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Slack and many more. Running in parallel to our AI technology we also offer personalized human moderation services via our team of in-house consultants, after all, 8 million years of human evolution is pretty hard to beat when it comes to spotting great content!

Great content drives engagement

Our blended approach to collecting owned and earned content is unique in the market. It helps consumer brands discover, license and curate user-generated images, videos and reviews that can be republished on websites, on touch-screen kiosks, on digital screens in offices and retail environments, at live events and trade shows.  In fact, wherever companies’ customers are active, we help cut through the social noise, unearthing the most valuable content to tell a more authentic, compelling and engaging story. Using Miappi our clients maximize the impact of their social media, increasing audience engagement and, ultimately, sales.

The facts

To date, Miappi has delivered over 9000 digital displays in over 50 countries. Clients such as CRUK, Unilever, Puma, BA, 3 mobile. Dunnhumby, Publicis and Sony have all used Miappi in the last year.
  • Miappi was one of the first movers in the industry and has led the innovation curve in the industry for four years
  • Miappi is one of the first to focus on moderation, analytics and helping brands find and display their best content
  • Miappi has experience across websites, mobile and digital out of home (DOOH) displays with Premiership Football teams in the UK to global Motor brands such a Mercedes
  • Miappi provides 24/7 content monitoring and moderation services – especially valuable for live events
  • The Miappi analytics dashboard is one of the most powerful in the industry. The analytics highlight who’s engaging with your content and which content is most valuable
  • Miappi is a creative marketing team who understand communications and creativity beyond just the technology
  • Miappi is one of only 50 brands selected to be part of the Unilever Foundry – an accelerator programme for high-growth companies
  • Miappi customers including Mercedes, Puma, BA and Sony and Moet & Chandon have all used the platform in the last 12 months.
  • Miappi allows you to seamlessly blend brand messages (owned content) with those of customers and fans (earned, user generated content)
  • Miappi allows brands to take back control in an age of social noise, algorithms and ad-blocking. A Miappi wall builds a powerful owned channel to inform, connect, monetize and build trust with customers.
Miappi’s head office is in London, from where we service clients throughout Europe, North America, Australia and the rest of the world.

The Founders

Miappi was founded in 2012 by Toby Britton,  Andrew Foyle and Lee Buchanan.
Andrew Foyle

Andrew Foyle

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is our CEO or 'Chief Evangelist' as he likes to be known. He is an experienced entrepreneur who founded Argogroup, the mobile QoS technology group, and then led it through a several rounds of funding, raising over $20m from private equity funds 3i and Apax. Since co-founding Miappi in 2012 he has been responsible for fundraising, investor relations and business development.

Toby Britton

Chief Marketing Officer

Toby has worked in the creative industries since 1996, first in TV production and then in creative agencies as a producer and art director. Since starting Miappi in 2012 he has managed Miappi's product development and design. Today he also oversees Miappi's marketing strategy and has overall responsibility for the marketing team headed up by Marketing Director, Paul Doran.

Lee Buchanan

Lee Buchanan

Chief Operations Officer

Lee is an experienced professional having worked for 10 years as a Technology sector analyst focused on Internet & networking technologies. Since starting Miappi with his co-founders in 2012 Lee has managed our finances, human resources, recruitment and all operational aspects of the business. As with all the co-founders Lee also contributes to our strategic direction and competitive positioning.