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How To: Add Feeds

 Welcome to this Miappi How To tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to add more feeds to your Miappi gallery.
Step 1.

We define a ‘feed’ as any source of social media content that can be accessed via the social network APIs. A feed can include your own social media content, third party social media content from other public sources and hashtag conversations created by users (User generated content or ‘UGC’)

To add feeds, firstly expand the Curate sub-menu and navigate to the Feeds page.

Step 2.

The My Feeds panel is for your own personal content, you will have to know both the username and password of these accounts so we can authorise and pull in content. In the Other Feeds panel, you can bring in content belonging to another social media network. Copy and paste the username to add the network. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the Hashtags panel. Type in the tag you want and click Add. This will appear below the search bar. There is also a Delete option in green if you decide to delete a hashtag later.

Step 3.

All feeds will automatically be set to un-approved meaning they will be effected by any moderation settings in place. If the content from the feed can be trusted and you want to approve it, simply toggle the approve button from red to green to have all content skip moderation and automatically appear on your wall.

Hashtags will automatically be effected by any moderation settings you’ve put in place. However make sure you apply/configure moderation settings before adding your hashtag as you won’t be able to apply AI moderation retroactively.


We hope you found this How To tutorial helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact a Miappi account manager or send an email to if you have any questions.

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