Discover great content from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and more. Collect first-party content from consumers using Miappi's direct upload features.


Discover brand relevant images, videos and comments from social media using hashtags, @mentions and image tags. Collect first-party content from the consumer using our direct upload features.


Curate and moderate your content in the Miappi dashboard.  Filter content using manual features and AI Rules before sending the best content to dynamic folders linked to directly to UGC galleries on your website.


Get peace of mind when using UGC be ensuring you have the correct permissions and digital rights. Engage with content creators and get explicit consent to use their images, videos and comments in your marketing.

See it in action!

Publish your curated, rights-ready UGC onto the marketing channels that make an impact for your business.

Increased Website Engagement.

Collect authentic user-generated content and reviews from multiple sources. Get consent to use that content from within Miappi and then publish to the channels where authentic content will have the maximum impact on engagement and conversions.
Miappi UGC galleries can be added to a webpage with Miappi’s off-the-shelf  templates or using our API for a fully customized look. Our highly configurable templates are responsive and can be added to one or more of your pages at any size and shape.

Live Events and Retail.

Use Miappi to display content to the public via digital signage, touch screens and DooH.  Use one of Miappi’s configutable Display templates to get animating, engaing UGC into retail environments, festivals, conferences and show. Run full screen ads and calls-to-action along side the UGC to drive further enagagement and conversions.


As well as having generic UGC galleries on your website you can also have content-specific, shoppable galleries on individual product pages of your ecommerce site.  Pair SKUs with user-generated content and display that content on the relevent product page. Data shows clearly that ecommerce pages featuring UGC convert better than the same pages without.

Marketing Stack Integrations.

As well as using Miappi’s native distribution channels to websites, display screens and emails, you can also export Rights Approved UGC from Miappi into your marketing stack so it can be used more widely.
Export content to your DAM for use on other creative projects. Export valuable consumer Pii directly into your PRM system. Import assets from Miappi into your social media management tool (.e.g. Hootsuite) so you can make UGC part of your social media strategy.

Analytics and Reporting.

Use Advanced Analytics to measure success. Look at dwell time on your web gallery, identify brand advocates, see where users are engaging most, understand which posts are being viewed most.

Brand Communities

For 2020 Miappi is developing features that will let brands build and nurture communites of their most engaged fans. From now on, not only will Miappi find the best pieces of UGC content, we will also go beyond those individual images and videos and help brands engage with their content creators and foster long term partnerships that are rewarding for both parties. 
The new communities will be accessed via the Miappi dashboard where brands will be able to post creative briefs for upcoming campaigns, invite members to try out new products and to contribute their own ideas for new and existing products. Best of all for the consumer, Miappi Communities will be places where brands can reward their most engaged fans with product give aways, experiences, tutorials, courses, donations and financial incentives.