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How To: Customize Design Settings (Website)

 Welcome to this Miappi How To tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to customize your design settings for your Miappi Website social wall.
Step 1.

Firstly navigate to the Customize page via the left hand menu. Once there toggle the Website version of the Customize page via the button at the top.

Step 2.

Select a template from the above selection. Use different templates to help bring the most out of your social media content and best help your wall to achieve its purpose.


  • Masonry: By default your social wall is configured to show the ‘masonry’ view that opens the posts up and arranges them like a brick wall. This more animated and varied looks adds a fun and spontaneous feel to your social wall and tends to work best for profiles which have a good mix of video, image and text based content.
  • Grid: If you want a more symmetrical view of your social content you can change the default view from within the Embed page of the dashboard by selecting ‘Grid’ from the ‘Starting view when embedded’ option. This view gives you evenly sized squares arranged in a grid. The grid is useful if you are embedding the social wall at a small size.
  • Collage & Lightbox: For profiles more abundant in visually stimulating content like photos and videos, our Lightbox and Collage templates will help accentuate and promote these pieces of content and create an even more aesthetically pleasing effect.
Step 3.

Customize Header and Post settings here. Configure colors, fonts and animations for both and preview these changes in the space directly above.

Step 4.

Apply either a solid color or an image as your social wall background. When uploading images to use as a background, try to ensure images are 1920×1080 to prevent them from being distorted, cropped or scaled. Preview changes in the space directly above.

Step 5.

Under Advanced Options, add custom CSS to the highlighted area for more intricate design options.

Step 6.

Enable and customize animations on your social such as flipping and fading to help to bring your social wall to life.

Step 7.

Configure content order, video autoplay, profile image and time stamp settings here.

With the post order, either have content ordered chronologically or by 10×10 (taking 10 of the most recent posts from each connected feed to ensure an even spread of content from all of the various social media networks you use).

Step 8.

Include Extra content and apply drop down shadows for your posts in the highlighted areas. Remember to save any changes made and to preview your wall by clicking on the View button in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

We hope you found this How To tutorial helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact a Miappi account manager or send an email to if you have any questions.

Contact us: Why not get in touch to discuss how Miappi could help you increase the reach of your social media? Miappi Ltd. Level 5 22 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD Tel. +44 (0) 203 6374360