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Create #hashtag walls with Miappi

Harness the power of user generated #hashtag content.
Curate and moderate your UGC and let your customers tell the story of your brand.

Get the most out of your hashtag campaigns with Miappi

Regain control of your hashtag campaign interactions and protect your brand
Hashtag campaigns without the noise

Miappi supports hashtag campaigns from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine. When it comes to framing your social interactions online, a Miappi hashtag wall offers you fine control over how your UGC is displayed. Even if your chosen hashtag is less than perfect, Miappi lets you tune out all the noise, to present users with only the content that you want them to see – no more irrelevant posts, just a curated representation of your campaign.

Multi-Purpose Hashtag Aggregation

A Miappi live hashtag wall is great for use on your website, displaying in your premises, or displaying live at your event. The issues that the traditional twitter wall presents in terms of controlling your image in front of your audience are solved through our curation tools; our design features ensure everything stays on brand on your site, and a curated live hashtag wall in your premises encourages participation with your customers.

It has been a pleasure to work with the whole Miappi team during this process. You really helped to bring the content to life.

Keith Tomlinson, Unilever

With the critical role social media now plays in brand communication strategies, teamed with the proliferation of channels, I can really see how useful your product is. Simplicity, delivered beautifully.

Andrew Gibson, Exterion

The embed code drops into the centre of the page and we just build a nice header and background, nothing to it. Miappi makes it very simple.

Terence Summerbell, Sony Music




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