Hearing the Customers Voice

Use Miappi to create a social wall for your next live event. Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
Tumblr and Pinterest. Add hashtag content too and let the delegates tell their own story!

Making Live Events More Interactive

Tap into the social media buzz surrounding your next event. Use Miappi to create a beautiful, animating Social Wall packed with the very best content from the client and their delegates.

You can include the client’s own content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other networks. You can also include live updates from people at the event via #hashtag campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine. Once you’ve collected their tweets, photos and videos you can use the Miappi dashboard to design, curate and moderate that content before displaying it back to your event screens.

When the event is over, your social wall can keep on giving. Use our Online mode to embed your social wall on any website, or just add a link to your webpage and direct users to your social wall at Miappi.com


Increase in dwell time when social media is part of the web page


Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms


Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds side by side

7 %

Increased sales when UGC present at point of purchase on a website

Curate and moderate

If you’re inviting users to generate their own content around a #hashtag, inevitably some of that content will be better that the rest. But how do you deal with the content that’s not quite so good? Using the Miappi dashboard you can curate and moderate everything using our manual or automated features. Whichever method you use you can be sure that the social wall that you display at your event is perfectly pitched you the audience.

Messages and branded content

So now you’re delivering really compelling social content to the event screens. The audience is absorbed by the content other people have produced or they are eagerly awaiting the appearance of their own contribution. Now you have their attention you can serve up full screen messages or adverts too. Using the dashboard you can upload multiple adverts and schedule how often you want them to appear. Add headers and/or footers too so the social wall is always on brand.

Case Study

BA chose Miappi to power the event screens for their Explore and Discover event. Over the course of the weekend 20,000 guests descended on two huge aircraft hangars at Heathrow Airport West of London. Guests were encouraged to share their experiences of the event using the hashtag #discoverBA. The result was fantastic, with user generated Tweets and Instagram posts flooding onto the screens around the venue. Such enthusiastic engagement by the guests is a real testament to what a great event this is.

Powerful Features

Miappi has some key features that will help your business get the most out of a social media wall.


Add #hashtag campaigns

Add user generated content via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine hashtags. Let your customers and fans tell the story for you.


Connect your feeds

Add your owned social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Spotify and more. Have a request for a specific network? Ask us and we’ll try to add it for you.


Curate and moderate

Use the powerful Miappi dashboard features to design your social wall. Curate and moderate the content from your owned feeds and #hashtag campaigns. Display the very best content to your audience.


Display content everywhere

Showcase your social wall on any website, app or use our Display mode for live events and store screens. Or just add a link to your page and direct your audience to your social wall on Miappi.com


Call to Action

Add a call to action (CTA) button to any social media post or add an entire promotional Link Tile to your social wall. Use them to drive traffic to other important pages on your website or to any other URL.


Geo-fenced content

Add location data to ensure you are collecting content for a specific geographical area…the venue for your event for example, or a restaurant or hotel location.



British Airways

British Airways