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Create the perfect social media wall
to embed on your website or live event walls

FREE DEMO of Miappi Social Wall Templates

Make your social media work for your website

Miappi lets you build beautiful social hub websites in minutes

Increased visibility for brand-owned content when part of a social wall
Increase in dwell-time when social media content is visible on your website
Increase in sales when UGC is present at the point of sale

Aggregate Content From Social Networks

Add curated social media walls to your website

As well as offering functionality for events and big screens, or the option to take your feed and convert it into an app for iOS or Android, the Miappi platform is the leading social network aggregator for embedding in your website itself.
Your curated, tailored social hub can fit within your existing site as a dedicated page, be embedded within an existing page, or run as a dedicated social media hub website.

Display your UGC and social posts within your own branding

In addition to the curation and aggregation power that the Miappi platform offers end users, the look, feel, design and branding of your social feed is completely customisable. A Miappi social hub website lets you showcase your social feeds, with control of your brand – all without the noise.

It has been a pleasure to work with the whole Miappi team during this process. You really helped to bring the content to life.

Keith Tomlinson, Unilever

With the critical role social media now plays in brand communication strategies, teamed with the proliferation of channels, I can really see how useful your product is. Simplicity, delivered beautifully.

Andrew Gibson, Exterion

The embed code drops into the centre of the page and we just build a nice header and background, nothing to it. Miappi makes it very simple.

Terence Summerbell, Sony Music

Put it together with a social media aggregator

Social networks limit the amount of content shown to your followers. To make matters worse, the proliferation of social networks means that customers rarely get to see all the content intended for them. A Miappi social wall changes all that.

Using Miappi you can collect all of your social media content, unfiltered, and display it in the places where you know your audience will see it. Design, curate and moderate your content and #hashtag UGC  to create a social hub perfectly pitched to your audience. Get started today with our free trial.

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