Digital Signage

Increase Audience Engagement with Digital Signage Software!
Display social content on your digital signage network.
Add conversations from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more...

Key Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions


The Miappi Digital Signage Solution lets you design, curate and moderate your social content and #hashtag UGC to create a social experience perfectly pitched to your audience. When you’re finished curating content you can display the best of it on your digital signage screens to maximize the reach and impact of your social media. 

100 %

Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms

70 %

Of customers say that in-store messages sway their purchasing decisions

2.5 x

Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds

63 %

Digital signage displaying social media such as Instagram is something people report catches their attention

7 %

Increased sales when User Generated Content present at point of purchase

28 %

Combining brand-owned content with earned content (UGC) leads to a 28% rise in brand engagement

Miappi Digital Signage Software

How to Power Social Media Across Digital Signage Screens?


Case Study


When Three Mobile launched their new UK advertising campaign ‘When stuff sucks #makeitright’ . With a bright purple Muppet called Jackson fronting the campaign it was bound to make a splash…and it did! Everywhere you looked there was a picture of Jackson staring back at you and the public embraced this new character from the start. Three chose Miappi to power the social media wall on their website as well as on the hundreds of screens across their 220 strong store network.


Digital signage solution for Three mobile

Powerful Digital Signage Features


Miappi has some key features that will help your business maximize social media reach and engagement.

Connect your feeds

Add feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to enhance your digital signage with evergreen social content.

Add #hashtag campaigns

Add user generated content via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine #hashtags to add valuable peer reviews at the point of purchase.

Curate and moderate

Use the powerful Miappi dashboard features to design your social wall. Curate and moderate the content from your owned feeds and #hashtag campaigns. Display only what matters to your audience.

Display content everywhere

Showcase your social wall at live events, on corporate comms screens or on screens in retail or hospitality sites.

Advertorial content

Augment your social content by including adverts and/or videos to play at set intervals.

Geo-fenced content

Add location data to ensure you are collecting content for a specific geographical area…the venue for your event for example, or a restaurant or hotel location.




Digital Signage – FAQs

What is digital Signage?

Digital signage is a means of using a digital display unit like a monitor to showcase a message, call-to-action or any engaging content related to your brand. Miappi provides the tools to do all three seamlessly, whether it be at an event, in-store or out of home.

Miappi even allows you to use your digital signage to present a stream of content as well as occasional advertisements, taking advantage of your audience’s attention.

What are the benefits of digital signage solution? 

Miappi’s digital signage solution helps you to maximize social media reach and engagement. This tool will help you increase content visibility, content discovery, drive word of mouth and sales.

Miappi’s digital signage solution helps you boost consumer engagement and sales.

  • 93% of consumers find UGC to be helpful when making a purchasing decision.
  • Brands also get 101% more revenue per customer when shoppers interact with UGC during their buying journey. There is 116% revenue boost per customer for retailers as well.(Source: Bazaar Voice)
  • 87% of brands use UGC in order to share “authentic content” and 72% believe (correctly) that it helps them engage their audience. (Source: Social Media Week)
  • Shoppers also stated they were willing to pay more and wait longer — 81% of those surveyed in on both questions — for products paired with UGC. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers (63 %) believe UGC creates a more authentic shopping experience (Source: Retail Dive)

How to make Digital Signage?

To make digital signage, you will need a display monitor & capable technology solution that can work with your monitor to showcase the content in real time.

However, NOT ALL brands will want to show UGC on their digital signage. Some may want to display only their owned social content. Digital signage is also a great way to show-off your highest quality creatives or influencer content.

Three, the UK’s fastest growing mobile network chose Miappi as it’s capable solution to help  influence fans & potential customers in over 200 stores nationwide. Read more. By displaying a combination of owned & earned media, Three Mobile were able to:

  • portray their online fun & witty personality to their fans,
  • shout about partnerships & offers
  • sharing authentic content posted by real Three customers to influence potential customers.