Retail screen and POS displays

Increase customer dwell time and brand awareness
by showing engaging social media content on your in-store screens.

Powering POS Social Engagement

Are you a retail outlet looking to integrate your social media presence in store? Miappi lets you create beautifully designed and animated social walls to display on your in-store screens.

You can include your own content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other networks. You can also include customer content from #hashtag campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.  Once you’ve collected the content you can use the Miappi dashboard to design, curate and moderate it before anything appears on the user-facing social wall.


Increase in dwell time when social media is part of the web page


Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms


Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds side by side

7 %

Increased sales when UGC present at point of purchase on a website

Get more out of your POS marketing

Miappi can be embedded anywhere there is a screen. You can mix up in-store promotions and product advertising with your customer conversations. Now there’s a more of a reason for your customers to pay closer attention to your in-store promotions.

Bring your #hashtag campaigns in store – and make your shoppers a part of it

Shoppers can not only see your social media activity, but they can become a part of experience. By allowing customers to see their engagement in real time, this incentivises their participation. Blending in store and online participation opens up more creative potential for your social #hashtag campaigns.

Control your brand and reputation

Our curation features allow you to carefully filter the type of social engagement displayed using advanced pattern matching heuristics. You can rest assured that only the most positive and productive interactions with customers will included, whether they are on your website or in your store.

Creativity and flexibility that’s on brand

Choose from a large range of designs and visualisations and tailor colour schemes and layouts to suit your needs whilst keeping everything within your branding guidelines. Tailor feeds to suit your website, your events or your in-store promotions.

Case Study

When Three Mobile launched their new UK advertising campaign ‘When stuff sucks #makeitright’ . With a bright purple Muppet called Jackson fronting the campaign it was bound to make a splash…and it did! Everywhere you looked there was a picture of Jackson staring back at you and the public embraced this new character from the start. Three chose Miappi to power the social media wall on their website as well as on the hundreds of screens across their 220 strong store network.

Powerful Features

Miappi has some key features that will help your business get the most out of a social media wall.

Add #hashtag campaigns

Add user generated content via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine hashtags. Let your customers and fans tell the story for you.

Connect your feeds

Add your owned social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Spotify and more. Have a request for a specific network? Ask us and we’ll try to add it for you.

Curate and moderate

Use the powerful Miappi dashboard features to design your social wall. Curate and moderate the content from your owned feeds and #hashtag campaigns. Display the very best content to your audience.

Display content everywhere

Showcase your social wall on any website, app or use our Display mode for live events and store screens. Or just add a link to your page and direct your audience to your social wall on

Call to Action

Add a call to action (CTA) button to any social media post or add an entire promotional Link Tile to your social wall. Use them to drive traffic to other important pages on your website or to any other URL.

Geo-fenced content

Add location data to ensure you are collecting content for a specific geographical area…the venue for your event for example, or a restaurant or hotel location.



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