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Ensure you stay on top of the
required permissions to use
UGC with our Engage feature

Add user generated content
Add your owned social media feeds
Design, curate and moderate your content
Find your most valuable assets
Display your valuable content on websites,
at live events, on digital screens and kiosks

Get The Most Out Of UGC

Marketing with UGC (user generated content) can produce some beautiful results, and what better way to create content for your campaign than to let your brand advocates tell the story for you.
To get the most out of UGC however, it’s important to understand the issues around Rights Management. We see social media usage by brands falling into two main categories – Standard usage and Commercial usage. If it’s Standard usage you may be able to use the content without seeking permission from the photographer and/or model. If it’s for outright commercial usage you are almost certainly going to want to seek permission.

Requesting Permissions Using Miappi Engage

By integrating your social media channels into Miappi, Engage enables you to message, tweet and comment on various posts aggregated from within dashboard. By doing so, this feature enables you to not only carry out quality interactions with your audience but also request the permissions of desirable UGC.
When using Miappi Engage to request the permission of content, its in-built status update system lets you know instantly which content you can and can’t use. Integrating UGC into your social wall and produce some beautiful and extremely effective results, hence why we’ve tried to make what can be the convoluted process of content rights management as easy to stay on top of as possible with Miappi Engage.
Miappi rights management tool for earned social content




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