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It’s no news that in the post social media hype era leading brands are finally starting to question if they have over-invested in specific social media channels. It comes without saying that this is acknowledged partly due to the increasing power of UGC.

In an online world that’s drowning in social media content, almost 70% of users are finding their way back to the website. Instead of bombarding consumers only with their owned content, brands need to combine it with the sheer power of peer reviews and recommendations in order to reap the benefits of a website again in a prominent position. Those are merely some of the findings of a Miappi-commissioned study that explores how social media is changing but it’s still here and more specifically, how brands can adapt in this new landscape.

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The findings are the result of research carried out amongst social media users from the US and the UK. Download the full report here:

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It has been a pleasure to work with the whole Miappi team during this process. You really helped to bring the content to life.

Keith Tomlinson, Unilever

With the critical role social media now plays in brand communication strategies, teamed with the proliferation of channels, I can really see how useful your product is. Simplicity, delivered beautifully.

Andrew Gibson, Exterion

The embed code drops into the centre of the page and we just build a nice header and background, nothing to it. Miappi makes it very simple.

Terence Summerbell, Sony Music




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