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Anthoney Jayasakera, Global Digital Marketing & Platforms Director for Millennium Hotels explains how Miappi is helping his team overcome key business challenges.

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Licensed UGC to boost customer travel confidence and bookings

Harnessing user-generated content has become a key part of marketing for many hotels, tourist boards, airlines and other experience-based brands - especially as travelers and participants share their experiences on social media, providing others with inspiration and confidence to make their own booking.


Our feature-rich, easy-to-use platform helps you save time and content marketing budget, by helping you discover, license and republish UGC from social media and direct upload. Use the Miappi platform to add your most impactful UGC to web pages, eCommerce websites, booking pages, cart abandonement and crm emails plus plenty more.

Used by global travel brands

Heineken Experience

Miappi was selected to power the digital screens at the original interactive Heineken Experience brewery in Amsterdam. Powered by Miappi’s Display functionality, the Heineken Experience has been able to highlight, emphasize and accentuate the cherished moments shared by previous visitors to the Experience.

Merlin Entertainments

Global attraction brand Merlin Entertainments chose Miappi to help drive website engagement and ticket sales for multiple brands across the group’s portfolio. Following the success of leveraging Miappi powered galleries on different Madame Tussauds websites for 11 different locations across the USA, Miappi went on to be used for other Merlin brands including Legoland and Madame Tussauds in several other markets.

London eye

London Eye

The London Eye team looked to Miappi to help them harness the power of authentic user-generated content. The London Eye required Miappi to create an interactive social display to blend seamlessly with their website. This customer-generated ‘social proof’ has been demonstrated to be highly effective at encouraging new prospects to convert to paying customers.

Why choose Miappi for travel UGC

UGC is proven to
deliver results

UGC can result in higher web conversions of as much as 29% in comparison to campaign.

Licensed UGC to
increase conversions

Discover valuable UGC and secure permission to use in your marketing. On-site consumer reviews can increase conversions by a huge 74%.

UGC increases
travel confdence

80% of travelers agree that viewing user-generated content increases confidence in making travel decisions.

Build an authentic

Gain insights into how your brand is perceived by your audience, identify superfans for nurturing and access direct feedback to inform your marketing strategy and campaign activities.

moderation options

Moderate content yourself, work with our team of in-house moderators or apply our suite of AI tools for intelligent moderation to identify and post your best digital assets automatically.

Measure and optimize

Use advanced analytics to measure success. Track how your relevant hashtags are performing over time. Monitor dwell time and interactions to understand how visitors are engaging with your UGC.

UGC survey

92% of consumers trust earned media, such as reviews and recommendations from family and friends more than
traditional media.

- Nielsen

Some of our clients


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