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Miappi for Hootsuite lets you pull user-generated image content from one or more of your Miappi Profiles directly into your Hootsuite account, ready to use when you create a new post. The app streamlines the task of getting your best UGC from Miappi into your social media channels. 

Miappi for Hootsuite Video Walkthrough

What Are The Benefits of Reposting UGC?

When reposted to owned channels, Miappi has found that in some cases, reposted UGC can see as much as 7x the engagement (likes and comments) of non-UGC posts. 

Reposting rights-approved UGC is the simplest and quickest way to get your most influential UGC seen by many and influence potential customers who might not otherwise see it. 

What Other Ways Can I use UGC in my Marketing?

It is because marketing with User-Generated Content is one of the most trusted forms of advertising, that brands are licensing and republishing their favourite UGC to other marketing channels. 

These channels include:

  • Reposting to owned social media accounts
  • Displaying via a web page gallery
  • Adding to ecommerce websites
  • Adding to digital signage
  • Adding to paid digital advertising (video or display)

How to post UGC using Hootsuite 

Step 1. When creating a new Post in Hootsuite, click on Browse Your Media button and then select Miappi from the Content Library Images dropdown.

Step 2. Browse your available Miappi profiles. Click on the profile you want to get images from.

Step 3. Select and image from the Miappi image library. Write your message. Select the social media network you wish to post to and then finish by clicking ‘Post Now’.
NOTE.  The Miappi app will let you browse and use any post that you have set to ‘show’ on the Miappi dashboard. We recommend that you use only the content for which you have the content creator’s permission. Use the Miappi Engage feature to ask for, and record that consent.

Are you a Hootsuite customer and you don’t yet have a tool for discovering and licensing User-Generated Content? Our experts are on hand to take you through a bespoke demo.  



What is UGC?

UGC or User-Generated Content, is simply the images, videos and comments that your customers are posting to social media or are even uploading directly to you. 

How Can I Collect UGC?

Miappi, the leading UGC tool for brands allows you to collect content into a dashboard feed simply by inputting the hashtags, @mentions and tags that you are most interested in.

Miappi helps consumer brands to discover, curate and license the very best visual content (images, videos and comments) from social media platforms, review sites and from direct upload.

Why do I need a UGC tool for reposting?

In order to be fully GDPR compliant, if considering to repost or republish someone else’s content, you must ask for permission first.

Miappi is equipped with a digital rights management system that enables users to engage with social content creators and ask for permission to use their content, whilst serving up explicit terms and conditions at the same time. The status of requests for permission are visible and easily managed from within the Miappi dashboard.

Contact us: Why not get in touch to discuss how Miappi could help you increase the reach of your social media? Miappi Ltd. Level 5 22 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD Tel. +44 (0) 203 6374360