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Use our amazing ImageScan AI tech to help
you curate your UGC quickly and at scale

Add user generated content
Add your owned social media feeds
Design, curate and moderate your content
Find your most valuable assets
Display your valuable content on websites,
at live events, on digital screens and kiosks

Finding Waldo Has Never Been Easier

Minimize the time spent curating your social wall and maximize its potential impact by displaying the right content fast. ImageScan automatically searches all incoming images and videos, scanning them and instantly revealing the content you are looking for.
By reducing the time spent moderating your content manually, ImageScan’s image analysis software gives you the ability to instantly showcase the best content on your Miappi social wall with the least amount of effort.
Image analysis logo
Image analysis for earned social media content containing two bags

How It Works

When a new image or video reaches Miappi, ImageScan will decide if it should be white-listed (appears on your social wall) or gray-listed (doesn’t appear on your social wall). The decision takes milliseconds and is based on a list of filters you can set in the Rules Engine.
Once you’ve created your list of specific criteria, ImageScan will check your incoming visual content against all of your specifications to curate a pitch-perfect social wall with virtually zero input from you. The choice is yours, and it can be impressively specific – ideal for brands with a strong image to maintain.




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