GNIP Firehose Access

Tap into Twitter's most complete and reliable API
to help discover even more great UGC
Add user generated content
Add your owned social media feeds
Design, curate and moderate your content
Find your most valuable assets
Display your valuable content on websites,
at live events, on digital screens and kiosks

A Little GNIP & Tuck

As a social data tool, GNIP is fast becoming indispensable for all types of companies. Data, especially social data, is necessary to make decisions on things like timing a product launch or putting together a new marketing campaign.
Being Twitter’s enterprise API platform, GNIP provides its users with Twitter’s most accurate, reliable and complete datasets to help them best realise their business goals.
With Miappi staying true to its commitment to make the most valuable client content visible, we have turned to GNIP to provide give us unprecedented access to both real-time and historical Twitter Data.

Dig Deeper

Previous to GNIP, companies have only been able to access and pull instant reports using up to 30 days’ worth of historical tweets.
With our GNIP integration, Miappi users will now have instant access to Twitter’s very own treasure trove – the full historical archive of eleven years’ worth of tweets.

Powering Up Your Miappi

Through GNIP’s extensive datasets, harness the very best bits from the conversations from your audience and showcase only what’s relevant to them, improving quality engagement and ROIs.
You can also make use of the additional filters from GNIP to help you easily identify this content, which includes but is not exhaustive to: posts with images, posts with emojis, posts filtered by location, language and timezone.
Burberry social aggregator on a Macbook Pro
miappi and gnip logos side by side
To turn on GNIP or inquire about its usage, possible costs and limitations, feel free to drop us a line.