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How To: Customize Design Settings (Display)

 Welcome to this Miappi How To tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to customize your design settings for your Miappi Display social wall.
Step 1.

Firstly navigate to the Customize page via the left hand menu. Once there toggle the Display version of the Curate page via the button at the top.

Step 2.
  • Slide: Almost the Display format equivalent of the Masonry template. Posts are arranged in a brick wall fashion with you being able to configure how many posts are present per row and per column. Adds a lively and animated feel to your your social wall.
  • Grid: For a more symmetrical and ordered . This view gives you evenly sized squares arranged in a grid. Useful for walls with a large amount of content due to the volume it is able to display on the wall at any one time
  • Glide: This templates aggregates all your content to form one large background wall and then creates the effect of gliding over it. A more dynamic social wall template which is more suitable for profiles with a large amount of content.
  • Pop: Cycles through content with our unique Pop animation style, with posts intermittently expanding and displaying in their entirety. Helps to accentuate and bring multimedia content to life through one of the most aesthetically pleasing display templates.
  • Freeway: Content is arranged into columns, which then is cycled through the social wall with posts moving either up or down through the various columns. Pop ups will then appear in the middle of the screen to view posts in their entirety.
Step 3.

Configure your social media wall orientation and profile name settings here.

Step 4.

Select the feeds and the time period to draw content from.

Step 5.

Configure the frequency, duration and animation style for any adverts uploaded. See full guide on how to create adverts for display mode social walls here.

Step 6.

Customize Popup text, link background color and transparency in addition to Popup frequency and duration. Additionally you can also make changes to image scaling and video autoplay settings.

Step 7.

Upload footers and headers in the highlighted area here. Upload an image that fits your screen resolution and orientation (1920x100px for landscape and 1080x100px for portrait).

We hope you found this How To tutorial helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact a Miappi account manager or send an email to if you have any questions.

Contact us: Why not get in touch to discuss how Miappi could help you increase the reach of your social media? Miappi Ltd. Level 5 22 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD Tel. +44 (0) 203 6374360