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Sprite UGC
Case Study

Sprite Empowering Youth with UGC

In November 2018, Miappi helped Sprite to encourage young voters to vocalize their political opinions in the midterm elections using the hashtag #getvocal.

The Challenge

The midterm elections is not the easiest subject for a refreshment brand to approach. But Sprite felt passionately about inspiring the youth to get involved and make change happen. The Sprite team knew User Generated Content could be used to demonstrate how much they care about empowering their fans. 

They just needed an intuitive platform that could make it easy for fans to get involved, whilst presenting the live effects of the campaign in a visually engaging way to help inspire more.

The Solution

Sprite gave fans on social, the platform to freestyle rap over a backing track made available on soundcloud. 

Knowing how important the youth vote would be to the campaign, Sprite directly targeted 18-30s using influences such as LeBron James and popular hip-hop artists.

With the help of the Miappi platform, Sprite were able to curate & moderate the submissions before displaying all the best freestyles including (influencer content) on, a landing page used to inspire potential content creators & visitors to vote.

In under a month Miappi has helped Sprite collect over 2,500 posts already and the campaign success continues to this day.

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