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Case Study

Proud to be helping Rotary and all their causes

Following the success of the Rotary International Convention in May – which saw more than 44,000 Rotary members, from over 100 countries come together in Korea’s vast KINTEX centre – Miappi has been chosen to power social content on Rotary’s website. Curating, moderating and displaying the best content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo.

In May 2016 Miappi was used to bring to life the online conversations and display them on digital screens around the conference centre, tracking the conversation around the #Rotary16 hashtag.

Andrew Foyle, CEO of Miappi, said: “With the explosion of social channels in the past five years, the challenge for many organisations today has become one of engagement and reach. These many channels have inevitably meant an oversupply of content. This social noise makes conversations more difficult a situation further compounded by the social channels dictating who sees what content with their algorithms.”

He added: “Research has shown that less than 3% of content is ever seen on platforms such as Facebook. Miappi’s platform aims to helps brands address this problem. By building a Miappi channel which pulls in all the best content from social feeds, brands and third-party organisations, Rotary can ensure the best and most authoritative content is seen.”

As part of a planned website refresh, Miappi will be used to curate social content from Rotary’s community and provide a more engaging experience for Rotary members and visitors to Rotary social and digital media lead Andy Sternberg, spoke about the decision to extend the use of Miappi:

“We were delighted by the way Miappi brought to life social media at our International Convention, so adding it to our website was a next logical step. With more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and over 500,000 Facebook fans, there’s a tremendous opportunity to leverage social media to create a more powerful online experience which unites our global community. As a nonprofit, we work hard to remain relevant, attract support and raise funds. Miappi is helping us connect our story and ensure that engaging content from our members and clubs is featured online.”

Naturally, Miappi’s work with Rotary International didn’t stop here. During its annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia this June, Miappi was again selected to power the 5 digital screens on this massive event, whose scale and reach (including speakers such as Bill Gates, U.S. Senator Bob Corker and John Cena among others) have seen exponential growth the last few years.

Rotary International screen - UGC Video content

A crowd of more than 24,000, plus people in the Rotarian clubs all over the world generated hundreds of thousands of user-generated content under the #Rotary17 hashtag and joined their voices in the battle to eradicate Polio. The social buzz created during the event was unprecedented for a charity event; more than 140,000 interactions, likes and shares were generated and the curtain fell with Rotary having raised more than $1.3 billion!

Similar to last year’s Convention in Seoul, the most valuable user-generated content collected during the 4-day event was subsequently featured prominently in the main webpage of RI Convention’s website. Comparing the two events and the impact Miappi’s visual marketing engine had on Rotary’s main digital asset we can identify a few trends. This year’s bounce rate was decreased by 460% compared to the page featuring last year’s earned content, when at the same time web traffic was increased by nearly 90% and new users visiting the site by 108%.

decrease in bounce rate
increase in new users visiting the site
increase in website traffic

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