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Case Study

Oldham College

Oldham College, established in 1893, is a Further Education college in the Great Manchester area which accepts around 10,000 students every year to study over 500 full time and part time courses plus apprenticeships.

The college’s focuses heavily on arts, science, business and sports, in an era that vocational education is more important than ever. Companies nowadays want to take on new staff with the right skills and knowledge to work and Oldham College is one of the best first steps towards that direction.

‘Website traffic has increased by 121%

Back in January 2016, Oldham College reached out to Miappi in order to evaluate whether a content marketing engine like ours could help them with their social media marketing strategy. The college sought to collect the most valuable content produced by its students and combined that with content from their own channels for display on their main digital asset, the website.

‘Dwell time increased to over 5-minutes

Almost immediately after the Miappi implementation, the results were impressive. The use of a ‘student content wall’ in the homepage of the website brought the average dwell time to over 5-minutes. Not only that but since the introduction of Miappi’s solution to the college’s website the traffic has increased by 121%, while new users also increased by 95%.

95% increase in new users

website traffic increase
dwell time increased to over
increase in new users

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