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Newbury Racecourse
Case Study

Newbury Racecourse

Newbury Racecourse turns to Miappi to find and display its most valuable social content.

World-class horse racing venue Newbury Racecourse has chosen to harness the power of Miappi for three more years.

The Racecourse’s marketing team has been working successfully with the social media wall provider for over 12 months, using Miappi’s social technology to display live updates, brand-owned content and user generated content on their homepage and on big screens on major race days.

28% rise in brand engagement when users are exposed to both earned and owned content’

The benefits of Newbury Racecourse’s approach have been manifold. Working with Miappi’s technology has enabled the Racecourse to re-market the huge amounts of user generated content created by racegoers in order to promote future events. This content is instantly visible in the homepage of Newbury’s biggest digital asset, its website. The results of using Miappi more than a year have been impressive. The website has lately been experiencing a 395% decrease in bounce rate and a 80% increase in pages per session compared to last year.

From Instagram snaps and tweets to YouTube videos; visitors to Newbury Racecourse are increasingly active on social media, engaging heavily with the business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, convincing the Racecourse to extend its relationship with Miappi for a further three years. Thus, the numb

395% decrease in bounce rate’

Newbury Racecourse live wall

Rob Boobyer, Head of Marketing at Newbury Racecourse, said: “Miappi’s social wall building tool has allowed us to turn our most valuable social content into a real marketing asset. Today you can see a wealth of positive user generated content displayed on our homepage and on our big screens on race days.”

Miappi functions as a highly effective and great value re-marketing strategy, encourages digital visitors further along the ticket buying journey, enhances the event experience for racegoers and builds long-term brand engagement. Other brands can benefit greatly from including social media aggregation in their digital strategy in the way that Newbury Racecourse has.

101% more revenue per customer when shoppers interact with UGC

decrease in bounce rate
more revenue per customer when shoppers interact with UGC
increase in pages per session
rise in brand engagement when users are exposed to both earned and owned content

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