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Case Study

Driving conversions for NetworkQ.

In October 2016 NetworkQ was a key sponsor of the WRGB Rally, one of the biggest stage rally motor sport events in the world, with a value of more than £10M for the Welsh economy. The event was made even more special in 2016 because it also marked WRGB’s return in the historic city of Chester after 20 years.

The largely British audience took social media by storm, inundating Twitter and Instagram with thousands of posts over the 3-day period. NetworkQ leveraged Miappi’s powerful visual marketing engine to harness the voice of that audience and display the content where people would see it.  

NetworkQ ensured that their website received maximum engagement by using Miappi to discover, curate and distribute the best of this user-generated (earned) content. The most engaging comments, images and videos we displayed on their website using an embedded social wall. The results of the campaign were spectacular.

The UGC driven campaign not only met but exceeded the expectations and targets set by NetworkQ. Its main goal was to drive engagement to its most prominent digital asset, the corporate website. During the WRGB rally, NetworkQ saw a 192% increase in dwell time on its website compared to the 72 hour period directly prior to the Miappi integration. Moreover, 20% of the interactions tracked in NetworkQ’s website were click-throughs to a vehicle listings page demonstrating a clear intent to purchase.

Following this performance, it was clear that Miappi would continue to feature prominently on the NQ website. In the period immediately after the rally, NetworkQ’s site saw a dwell time 41% higher than the average website of an automotive brand and 22% higher than a typical auto dealer website.

However, the ‘Miappi uplift’ didn’t end there for Vauxhall’s biggest UK retailer. Having used Miappi for more than 8 months now the client has experienced an average bounce rate of just 8.88%. That’s compared to a bounce rate of 34% on a typical auto dealer website and 41% on an auto brand site.

The result for NetworkQ is that, using Miappi, the website has become an even more valuable digital asset.

increase in website dwell time
bounce rate, 3.8 times less than industry average

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