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Case Study

Moor Park Golf

Sydney’s home of public golf has been harnessing the power of user-generated content since 2016 with incredible results

Moore Park Golf, located in the heart of the one of Australia’s most loved parklands, is an historic golf house and has one of Southern Hemispheres largest ranges! Moreover, as one of the oldest clubs in the country (The club celebrated its 101st anniversary this year) Moor Park is not only Australia’s most popular place to learn golf but also a prominent hotspot for all sorts of social interactions.

With more than 180,000 visitors every year, Moore Park Golf realised the incredible potential of all those voices and the impact they could have on its marketing activities. Having looked for quite some time for the right solution, Miappi proved to be the perfect fit for the Club’s needs, having all the features necessary to bring the voice of the customer to life. Having used Miappi for almost two years now, the results speak for themselves. 

‘Dwell time increased by over 1 minute

Moore Park initially utilised a social media wall only on its main digital asset – the website – however since this implementation, an additional visualisation was added on one of the main digital screens in the park, powered by BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage media players.

25% increase in new sessions’

When it comes to the Moore Park Golf website, the use of the #MPGOLF hashtag has created a highly engaging social wall in the site’s homepage by featuring beautiful customer stories, golf-lessons experiences and even delicious dishes from the club’s highly rated restaurant! All these social proof stories have been extremely beneficial for the company’s website. In fact, in just two months after the social wall implementation the website not only experienced a 6.5% decrease in bounce rate, but also the dwell time was increased by more than a whole minute!

decrease in bounce rate
increase in new dwell times

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