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Case Study


Greenpeace Spain contacted Miappi in May 2016 during the peak of their on-going campaign “Save the Arctic”.

Save the Arctic is an ongoing campaign started by Greenpeace in 2012, which aims at preventing oil drilling and industrial fishing in the Arctic. Dubbed by many as environmentalism’s biggest challenge yet, a potential catastrophe (e.g. a Deepwater Horizon situation) could put millions of lives at risk.

Greenpeace came across Miappi in search of a content marketing engine that would collect, curate and display on its website highly valuable user-generated content of environmentally sensitive people using the #Voices4Arctic hashtag.

‘Greenpeace’s main digital asset experienced a 56% increase in new users

Convinced that listening to what people have to say on Twitter and Instagram would dramatically increase engagement and raise awareness on a matter like this, Greenpeace used Miappi’s content marketing platform to source thousands of pieces of earned content that were then displayed on along with selected content from Greenpeace Spain’s own social channels.

58% increase in website traffic’

benefits of user generated content

In just two weeks of the Miappi implementation Greenpeace saw an impressive 58% increase in website traffic. At the same time dwell time on the website increased by 37%. Collaborating with Miappi on this high profile project reaped even more benefits for Greenpeace, since the ultimate goal of raising public awareness was accomplished and this was obvious by the fact that Greenpeace’s main digital asset experienced a 56% increase in new users.

‘Dwell time on the website increased by 37%

increase in website traffic
increase in dwell time
increase in new users

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