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Case Study

Dove Men+Care USA leveraged Miappi technology

Through their products and projects, Dove Men+Care’s mission has always been to take care of their customers’ wellness. But this summer, the brand decided to go one step further and partner with Headspace, the popular meditation and mindfulness app, to help men practice a better self-care routine.

Dove Men+Care USA invited men to take care of their body and mental wellbeing by giving them access to curated meditations. For every purchase of a Dove Men+Care product, the brand rewarded consumers with a free 3 month subscription to the app.

The Challenge

All customers had to do to get access to Headspace was upload images of their proof of purchase on a dedicated campaign page. Easy right?

Well, not exactly. Collecting and moderating submissions from your consumers can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re not teaming up with the right tech partner.

Dove Men+Care USA needed an intuitive platform that could make it easy for them to collect images of the receipts and validate the purchase in order to unlock the promotion.

The Solution

This is where Miappi came into play. By harnessing the power of the Miappi technology, Dove Men+Care USA were able to curate and moderate the submissions. 

Thanks to Miappi’s direct upload functionality, customers were able to upload images of their proof of purchase along with PII data via a Miappi powered form, where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was used to validate the receipt. 

If the receipt was legitimate, the user’s email was then passed onto outcome-based marketing company, Epsilon, who triggered an email to the customer with a promo code to claim their 3 month Headspace trial.

During this initiative, Miappi helped Dove Men+Care collect almost 1,000 submissions, and we’re proud to have supported the brand in advocating positive mental health within the male community, as well as increasing product sales, brand awareness and reputation.

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