Case Study

Boosting engagement for Diageo’s

Diageo partnered with Miappi to power the flagship website of its Scotch Whiskey brands with (user-generate) owned content regarding the latest news from their official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

The Challenge

Diageo chose Miappi because it wanted to know whether or not social media would have a positive impact on user engagement on, their flagship whisky website. Specifically, Diageo wanted to gain deep insight on which pieces of social media content gain the most traction and whether social content at the point of purchase triggers an increase in the size of the e-commerce basket.

The Solution

Using Miappi’s visual marketing engine to discover, curate and display social media content Diageo was able to measure key metrics regarding its website behaviour pre and post the Miappi integration. The results were hugely positive. With a Miappi social wall embedded on the homepage the page saw a 16% increase in dwell time. This in turn generated high engagement on the website and drove repeat traffic.

Comparing user-behaviour pre and post the Miappi integration it became clear that integrating social media into the web experience increased dwell time by 225% on average, proving that social can increase a brand’s social media ROI.

Repurposing existing social media assets and redistributing those via different channels not only maximizes the return on investment in those specific assets but also shapes the channel into a new hub. And when it comes to click-through rates the observed CTR on a social media post within the Miappi widget was 2.3 x that of the average CTR on a piece of online advertising for this industry.

Miappi provided Diageo with the perfect way to harness the power of social by boosting customer engagement, maximizing its ROI on digital and ultimately turning the site into a major driver for conversions.

increase in dwell time, pre vs. after the Miappi integration
bigger CTR compared to industry online ads