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Case Study

Crystal Palace FC

London-based historic Premier League club Crystal Palace FC contacted Miappi in early 2016 while evaluating different options for their social media marketing strategy.

As one of the most loved English clubs, Crystal Palace sought news ways of driving fan engagement and website traffic in the digital, social media age.

Having assessed a plethora of visual marketing platforms Crystal Palace decided to go with Miappi since it combined a full toolset of features that would allow them to seamlessly showcase user-generated content on their website with call-to-actions in their Ecommerce shop.

14.3% increase in website traffic

By installing an engaging fan content wall on their website the club made it easy for ardent fans to see what others were saying about the club, the players, their fixtures and their results. The social media chatter around Crystal Palace naturally increased as it was one of the first Premier League clubs to introduce such an innovative product in their marketing stack.

25% increase in new sessions’

The results were impressive as well. Even from the very first month of the implementation, the site saw a 14.3% increase in traffic, while new sessions increased by almost 25% and new users by 35%. That paints a clear picture of an increased interest in the daily encounters of Crystal Palace players and fans alike.

‘35% Increase in new users

increase in website traffic
increase in new sessions
increase in new users

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