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Case Study

New York Fashion Week embraces social

As part of their Garance Doré Café pop-up for New York Fashion Week 2015, Cointreau selected Miappi to capture the social buzz around the week-long French-inspired venture. Miappi surfaced user-generated content around #CointreauSoiree and #GarancexCointreau on a social wall embedded on, stylishly showcasing the joie de vivre this small slice of Parisian life brought to an excited New York City public.

It was particularly exciting that the team from Cointreau, a brand that is recognised and loved the world over, saw the real, marketable value of earned media and how that went on to play a key part in taking this localised campaign to a wider online audience. By collecting and surfacing a fabulous array of content, Miappi helped Cointreau to develop greater brand awareness as well as foster a feeling of event legacy around the pop-up café well after Fashion Week ended.

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