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London eye
Case Study

The London Eye

The London Eye is a hugely popular tourist attraction on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. The giant ferris wheel offers spectacular views over central London and in May 2017 the company asked Miappi to help them improve customer engagement and increase visitor numbers by harnessing the power of user-generated content and owned social media.  

The Challenge

The client’s brief required Miappi to create an interactive social display to blend seamlessly with the London Eye website. The wall needed to look great but more importantly it needed to increase the time the audience spent engaging with content on the website and ultimately drive increased ticket sales to the attraction. To ensure they got the right result, the client wanted to display user-generated content (created by current and past customers) on the website. This customer-generated ‘social proof’ has been demonstrated to be highly effective at encouraging new prospects to convert to paying customers.

‘Basket size increases by 90%

The Solution

Miappi’s sophisticated dashboard made it easy for the client to implement a social wall integration that was perfectly on brand. The next step was to collect the right user-generated combined with brand-owned content and to moderate and curate the former within the Miappi dashboard before displaying it on their website using one of Miappi’s many templates.

28% rise in brand engagement when users are exposed to both earned and owned content’

The resulting social wall shows the very best customer-generated photographs, videos and comments posted to social media using #londoneye. The client can use either manual curation and AI tools to filter high volumes of content into manageable project folders where high-converting content can be kept for use on specific campaigns.

The best UGC was reposted to their official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts acompanied by Calls to Action (CTAs) to drive traffic to specific pages elsewhere on the site where the customer could either increase their basket size by booking e.g. the Champagne Experience or a Thames river cruise, or the London Eye website would experience an increase in dwell time and traffic. As a matter of fact after the social wall was integrated with the client’s website, the ‘social proof’ stories displayed have resulted in both an increase of dwell time and a 168% rise in web traffic as of late. 

‘Website traffic increased by 168%

Following a successful implementation on the London Eye website, Miappi is preparing to roll-out a similar social wall onto big screens around the attraction, a move that will let excited customers see their own contributions in real-time. In addition, the Miappi dashboard now lets the client post the same social media content into their outbound marketing emails where social proof is known to increase click-through rates by as much as 72%.

‘Email click through rates increased by 72%

increase in website traffic
Basket size increases
Email click through rates increase
rise in brand engagement when users are exposed to both earned and owned content

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