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Canon UGC case study
Case Study

You Can with a Canon

To celebrate the launch of the new Canon M50, Canon transformed hashtagged content into online currency. The campaign allowed those who rent a Canon M50 to claim back discount by posting their finest work with the hashtag #rentacanon.

The Challenge

Canon recognised the potential benefits of leveraging User Generated Content as part of the launch of the new M50 mirror-less camera. Social media has provided a stage for photography professionals & hobbyist alike to showcase their talents & tell stories in new ways. The Canon team wanted to somehow use these stories to help tell their own on social.

Canon Finland wanted to incentivize budding photographers & filmmakers into getting their hands on their latest M50 camera and demonstrate to their customers, just how valuable their content is to Canon.

The camera specialist allowed those photographers who rented a Canon M50 to claim back money they had spent on the rental, by posting content shot with the camera using the hashtag #rentacanon.

The challenge was to not only find a means of moderating those submissions and reward the right people, but also celebrate the great work their customers were doing in a visually inspiring & engaging way on their website.

The Solution

Throughout the summer of 2018, Canon used the Miappi dashboard to curate the content, selectively releasing the best posts to the consumer-facing widget embedded on the website.  

By using the Miappi platform, Canon Finland were able to discover all the amazing content shot on their new camera, moderate the content to lift out the best examples to inspire potential customers on their website. Miappi served as the linchpin holding the campaign together, taking out the headache of sifting through endless reams of content and providing an intuitive way to monitor & moderate all submissions.

Miappi gave Canon the ability to encourage their own fans to do the hard work for them, because there are no stories that are worth telling more than those of your own customers.

Miappi helped Canon customers tell potential customers why the M50 is worth having.

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