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#ADayToUnite against cancer for CRUK and Miappi

On February 4th 2016 Miappi helped Cancer Research UK bring the voice of the people to screens across the United Kingdom. Using the hashtag #ADayToUnite, Miappi enabled CRUK to collect the messages of thousands of people across the UK and the world.

Working alongside CRUK and their World Cancer Day partners (Anthony Nolan Trust, Breast Cancer Care and Movember) we were tasked with using social media and DOOH screens to show the public how the nation was uniting in the fight to beat cancer. The scale of the campaign, the importance of the message and the massive scope of the project were immediately clear to us.

#ADayToUnite gave people a way to express their emotions and their support for the fight against cancer, a fight that Miappi is all too proud to support. During the course of the day hundreds of screens in London and in Cardiff displayed Miappi’s social wall and helped generate an astounding number of more than 255,000 hashtag posts.

World Cancer Day helped raised close to £2 Million in donations for CRUK and their partners as the British public stood up and showed its support for the campaign. Miappi as part of this campaign contributed to a large extent to the accumulation of this amount.

CRUK in Cardiff, World Cancer Day

It was the World Cancer Day last Thursday when Cancer Research UK utilized Miappi's social media amplifying platform in #Cardiff, to raise awareness about cancer and its victims. We are very proud to be part of this campaign and that we did our bit to help transform the lives of millions. #ADayToUnite

Posted by Miappi on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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