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Introduction to Authentic Marketing
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Authentic Marketing in 2019 – How to Build Trust and Increase Engagement with Your Consumers

Authenticity has long been a focus for consumer marketing, and the reason for that is pretty simple. In today’s connected world, if you lie about your company then you’re sure to get found out eventually, and when you do get found out you risk going viral for all of the…
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Instagram for business
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How to Use Instagram for Business?

Do I need an Instagram Business Profile? Instagram has gone from being a niche social network for photography buffs to one of the world’s most popular sites with over 1 billion monthly active users. The question has gone from being “should I use Instagram” to being “how do I get…
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Twitter widget
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How to Create and Add Twitter Widgets to a WordPress Site

Twitter widgets can be a powerful tool to help you to make your website look and feel much more interactive. It can showcase the different conversations that are happening around your brand while simultaneously encouraging people to give you a follow. It can even push people to join the conversation…
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News sharing between friends
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8 Simple Tips on Content Sharing

We all want people to share our content. After all, it’s a type of earned, organic publicity which enables you to reach more people without spending more money. The problem is that there’s no magic bullet and no easy way to guarantee content sharing. How to get people to share…
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Stock-worth imagery for brands
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How to create stock-worthy images that brands will love

Why is imagery for brands so important?   If you’re responsible for a marketing campaign and you want to make an impact, you’ll need to use imagery. In fact, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without, and 37% of marketers say that visual marketing is the most important…
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Social Wall on Website - Example
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How to Add Miappi to Your Website or Digital Display

Are you ready to collect, curate and display amazing content from all of your social channels on your website or digital screen? Whether you're sharing fantastic feedback from followers on your homepage, presenting positive reviews next to products in your online store or connecting with guests at a live event…
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How to commission a great video – Part 2

You've waited long enough but now it's here! Part 2 of How to commission a great video, with all the much-needed terminology is finally available! Pre-production  This is the planning phase where you and the production company agree on the general creative approach (the treatment) and all of the creative…
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