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In April 2016 Miappi featured prominently at Unilever’s global marketing forum, ‘Crafting Brands for Life in a Connected World’. The event focused on the increasingly important role digital marketing has to play across all of Unilever’s world-renowned brands and was held at Facebook’s London office. Several hundred Unilever marketers attended in person whilst thousands more tuned in via a live webcast. Keith Weed (Unilever’s CMO) delivered the keynote speech and was joined over video by Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg as well as COO Sheryl Sandberg.  Miappi was asked to bring Unilever’s mighty social presence into one very visual place during the event. Miappi powered the four beautiful, animating social media walls that played on large screens either side of the stage, as well as an embedded social wall that appeared on the live webcast.
Unilever Social Wall
Unilever company logo
Cancer Research UK logo

World Cancer Day

On February 4th 2016 Miappi helped Cancer Research UK bring the voice of the people to screens across the United Kingdom.  Using the hashtag #adaytounite, Miappi enabled CRUK to collect the messages of thousands of people across the UK and the world. #adaytounite gave people a way to express their emotions and their support for the fight against cancer, a fight that Miappi is all too proud to support.
Cancer Research UK Social Wall

British Airways

On June 6/7 this year, BA chose Miappi to power the event screens for their Explore and Discover event. Over the course of the weekend 20,000 guests descended on two huge aircraft hangars at Heathrow Airport West of London. Guests were encouraged to share their experiences of the event using the hashtag #discoverBA. The result was fantastic, with user generated Tweets and Instagram posts flooding onto the screens around the venue. Such enthusiastic engagement by the guests is a real testament to what a great event this is.
Puma company logo


In December 2015, Puma chose Miappi to power social media walls across screens within their London HQ. Miappi lets Puma collect UGC images of Puma customers modelling their #fentyx line designed by Rihanna.  The same social media wall also features their #foreverfaster campaign fronted by the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt.  In both their office space and reception area, employees and visitors can now watch Puma’s official content as well as the best user generated content from around the world.
Puma Social Wall

Three Mobile

On Friday 5th June, Three Mobile launched their new UK advertising campaign ‘When stuff sucks #makeitright’ . With a bright purple Muppet called Jackson fronting the campaign it was bound to make a splash…and it did! Everywhere you looked there was a picture of Jackson staring back at you and the public embraced this new character from the start.
Three chose Miappi to power the social media wall on their website as well as on the hundreds of screens across their 220 strong store network.
Three Social Wall
Miappi social wall UI on MacBook Pro

Sony Music

Sony asked Miappi to create a profile for Irish rock band Kodaline. The resulting Miappi combines the band’s official feeds as well as user generated content (UGC) from their fans via Twitter #tag comments. Miappi pulls all of that social media into one convenient view allowing fans to feast their eyes on the band’s social output without app-hopping from network to network.
The Kodaline Miappi can be found on at and within the Miappi app. It can also be found as an embedded page on the band’s website.




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