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The role of visual content in marketing strategy
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How Visual Content Can Make Your Marketing Strategy a Success

Visual content has always been important, but it’s arguably more important in 2018 than it ever has been before. Brands are increasingly recognising the potential for visual commerce to boost engagement rates and to generate sales, and they’re also seeing it as a way to tie influencer marketing back to…
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Video content marketing examples
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Video Content Marketing: New Marketing Trends 2018-2020

Video content marketing has gone from strength to strength over the last ten years, driven in part by the rise of new technologies. Whether we’re talking about virtual reality and 360 degree video or whether we’re talking about 4G and 5G infrastructure, the time has never been better to take…
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Content aggregator
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Content Aggregator: What is it? How to Aggregate Content Like a Pro?

Content aggregation is big business at the moment, and some companies are basing their entire business model around aggregating content. One of the most well-known content aggregator examples is It was founded by tech legend Guy Kawasaki. AllTop is covering a wide variety of different niches, but there are…
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Photo curation

The Best Content (Marketing) Curation Tools in 2018

Content curation is one of the most powerful techniques that we have available to us as digital marketers, and there’s a reason for that. Curated content is super effective because it takes advantage of social proof.Social proof is the phenomenon in which we trust what our friends say about companies…
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Shoppable content
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Miappi Monetize: Shoppable content in the blink of an eye

Why have so many companies embraced user generated (earned) content? More specifically, why have they embraced it in place of conventional marketing campaigns featuring brand owned content?  The answer is simple: today’s consumer buys into the views of regular people, not brands. Harness earned media correctly and your customers could…
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UGC RayBan glasses
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How UGC is Reshaping the Ecommerce Sector

User-generated content has gone from being nice to have to being a vital asset in any ecommerce marketer’s toolkit, but if any one type of company is best suited to ride the wave then it’s ecommerce stores. After all, they make money from selling products online, and if their customers…
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Influencer marketing
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The evolution of Influencer Marketing

The Evolution of Brand Ambassadors The Changing Role of Influencer Marketing Through the Centuries In medieval England, the blacksmith who forged swords for the king and his court was able to charge more for his weapons because everybody wanted to wield the same steel as the king. Why? Because if…
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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram
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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram – 7 Best Tips From Miappi

If you’re wondering how to use hashtags on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Hashtags are one of the most powerful tools available to you if you’re marketing your brand on Instagram. While they won’t make up for bad content, they will help your good content to be found…
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2 girls discussing Advantages and disadvantages of social media
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Social Media

There’s no doubt about it: social networking has changed the way we live our lives. We’re more connected than ever before, but we’re also under more pressure to use the hottest apps and to follow the latest trends. Meanwhile, any little mistake can be blown out of proportion, and you…
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The power of earned content
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Why Earned Content is crucial to a Successful Marketing Strategy

The success of your marketing strategy is not always in your hands. It is the opinions of other consumers which matter to your target audience when buying a new product or service. Scary right? Should you just cross your arms and pray that consumers will say something good about your…
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