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7 Reasons why you
need a brand community

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Save time and reduce media spend by easily curating high quality UGC at scale

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use platform helps you save time by curating content at scale across your marketing channels so you can incorporate UGC into your marketing campaigns and keep up with new content needs while reducing media spend. Gain a competitive edge by connecting your brand with your audience and superfans to build an authentic community.

Easily uncover great USER-GENERATED CONTENT for your marketing channels

your media spend

Use Miappi’s user-generated content platform to source and license authentic new images, videos and reviews to meet your needs and timelines cost-effectively.

Increase web

Boost your lead generation pipeline and generate more and higher value sales.

Make your marketing

Increase value from your user generated content strategy and align it with your overarching marketing and content strategy to achieve your KPIs and goals.

92% of consumers trust earned media, such as reviews and recommendations from family and friends more than traditional media.

- Nielsen

Save time and reduce media spend by easily curating high quality UGC at scale


Average potential monthly saving compared to buying/producing media


Average increase in conversion rates when UGC is added to an ecommerce webpage


Percentage of consumers who feel user-generated content makes a brand more authentic


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What our clients have achieved with Miappi

“The Miappi platform is user friendly, easy to understand and to manage. Miappi’s folder functionality allows us to manage our content strategy for our product lines and easily update this in time for seasonal changes. Miappi helps us stay organised!”

Irene Frosinini, Lead Social Media & Content Manager at Camper and CamperLab

“Memories are a part of the Heineken Experience DNA, so it’s very important for us to show our guests that we care about theirs! The live wall also encourages our visitors to capture and share their time in the Heineken Experience.”

Roxy Scheepbouwer, Social Media Manager, Heineken Experience Team
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Why choose Miappi?

Flexible pricing

Either we are saving media costs by sourcing UGC or we are delivering flexible pricing.

High-quality content production

Consistently meet new content requirements across your business to provide social proof across your social platforms.

Out of the box platform

Miappi’s UGC platform can be used out-of-the-box to get up and running quickly or we can customise the platform to perfectly meet your enterprise needs.

Thought leadership and guidance from experts

Expert guidance on how to get the most from your user-generated content strategy and align it with your overarching content and marketing strategy for maximum efect.

Get marketing
campaigns live quickly

Miappi helps you get your marketing campaigns up and running quickly, generating your UGC source streams of high-quality photos and videos within 10 minutes.

Nurture an
authentic community

Go one step further and connect with the individuality behind your UGC with Miappi Community. Nurture collaborative relationships that will yield even more authentic content.

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