How To: Apply Moderation

 Welcome to this Miappi How To tutorial. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use our Moderation settings and apply them to your Miappi social wall.
Step 1.

Users will be able to find this feature on the side bar to the left called Moderate. This is a page Miappi provide to protect our users and their content, when adding hashtags and feeds that belong to other profiles there will likely be posts not appropriate for your social wall.

Step 2.

By selecting the Hide posts containing words from the Global Banned Words List option, posts containing these words will be banned and will not appear on your wall.* Alternatively, users can leave the post as hidden or delete it.

*All banned posts will appear on the Moderate page. You will be able to review this list and unhide any posts you would like to appear.

Step 3.

The Moderate page also lets you turn off commenting on your entire profile. This gives our users more control over their live display.

Step 4.

If you are connected to other feeds and hashtags then you can hide posts that you don’t want to appear*, separate options apply to Display and Website mode. If you would like your moderation’s to apply to both your Website and Display then simply select Mirror moderation between Website and display. 

Step 5.

Below the Moderate tab will be an option to block users*. If you feel that a user is posting content endlessly then you will be able to ban them from your feed, but don’t worry, the option to unblock a user will be available for you when you’re ready.

Step 6.

The Rules Engine is a customizable moderation feature to help to manage the UGC shared on your Miappi more efficiently. Begin by clicking on Create Rule.

Step 7.

Give your rule a name, the Miappi rules engine allows you to create rules based on a variety of conditions. The rules you create will apply to the text featuring on each social media post that Miappi collects from your feed, you can add multiple conditions to a single rule.

Step 8.

Once you have given your rule a name, below you will see Rule Conditions and the option to Add beside it in green.

Three options will appear in the first selection box. Post Text, Post Source and Post Username. This means the condition will apply to the option you select.

Step 9.

In the second selection box, this condition detects the presence of specified words or sets of words in the text. You are also able to restrict spam posts with multiple hashtags and mentions.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE. Lists of words require each word to be separated by a comma.

Words Followed By is a condition that can show/hide a post containing words followed by another, for example if you would like to show your brand name but erase all the negative comments that could follow then all you need to do is type your word and select the maximum distance (number of words) you’d like the condition to search for matches between word sets.

Step 10.

The last three options regarding the percentage symbol mean you are able to block posts containing a large amount of hashtags which might appear on your wall as spam. You will need to create two conditions for these, one for Post Text and the other for Post Source.

For example: Choose Post Text followed by a threshold option and then a percentage. In the second condition select Post Source then Contains Any and the stream you would like it to apply to such as Instagram or Twitter. For this, type TwitterStream or InstagramStream and if you would like the rule to apply to both then separate the two with a comma.

Step 11.

Apply to either your Website Mode, Display Mode or both and select Hide in the On Match setting. Give your rule a rating of importance with 1 being the highest, lastly activate your rule by clicking on the circle next to Rule is active and click Save.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Only works on future content so configure your moderation before adding feeds.

We hope you found this How To tutorial helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact a Miappi account manager or send an email to if you have any questions.