Curate. Display. Engage.

Collect and curate your most valuable owned content and UGC.
Display your social wall on any website or digital screen to engage audiences and drive sales.
Add your owned social media feeds
Add your #hashtag campaigns
Design, curate and moderate your content
to reveal the most valuable content
Display your Miappi content wall on
digital signage, websites and apps

Take Back Control

From algorithms filtering what your audiences see, to the sheer volume of noise and distraction; the reach, engagement and impact of your social content is under threat. In fact, 97% of social media content created by a brand is never seen.

How do you take the best of your owned social media content and the best user generated content and harness that to produce powerful, authentic stories that will engage the audience and drive sales?

Your Most Valuable Content

Miappi helps you identify your most valuable content and makes it easy for you to display that content where it matters most.

Our intelligent platform guides you through a simple set up to connect feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo and more.

Let your brand ambassadors tell the story for you and make your digital content more authentic by adding user generated content via #hashtags.

Miappi social wall UI on iOs devices

Curate and Moderate

With Miappi you can curate and moderate your content to create stunning social walls. Use our in-house moderation team or simply apply powerful AI tools within the dashboard to ensure only the very best of your content gets displayed. However you choose do it you can be sure that you are publishing content that’s perfectly pitched to your audience.

Web and Digital Signage

Display your social wall where it matters most. Embed your social wall at any size on any website. Display your content on digital screens in stores, hotels, restaurants, at live events or for internal communications. You can even use Miappi on touch screen kiosk applications…the possibilities are endless.


Make sure your social wall is on-brand and looks great. Take control of the design of your Miappi by changing colors, logos, backgrounds, animations. Change even more using custom CSS.


Use our Advanced Analytics tools to measure how Miappi works for you. Look at dwell time on your social hub, identify influencers, see where in the world users are engaging most, understand which posts are being viewed most.