Making the Valuable, Visible.

Collect and curate highly valuable user generated content plus the best of your brand assets.
Display your social wall on any website or digital screen to engage audiences and drive sales.
Add user generated content content
Add your owned social media feeds
Design, curate and moderate your content
Find your most valuable assets
Display your valuable content on websites,
at live events, on digital screens and kiosks

Making the valuable, visible.

Miappi helps brands collect, curate and display their most valuable digital content to increase engagement and impact across all channels.
Miappi social wall UI on iOs devices


Happy customers make the best brand-ambassadors. Use Miappi to harness the best customer comments, photos and videos and let them tell the story for you.
Super-charge your social wall by adding the best of your brand owned content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo and more.


Blend owned and earned content to weave a powerful, authentic story. Find great content from influencers and prioritise your most valuable assets to boost audience engagement. Use our human moderation team or apply powerful AI tools to speed-up moderation.


Display your social wall for maximum impact. Embed your social wall on any website, on digital screens, at live events or in kiosks.


Use Advanced Analytics to measure success. Look at dwell time on your social hub, identify influencers, see where in the world users are engaging most, understand which posts are being viewed most.