Maximize the Reach
of your Social Media

Add your own social media content.
Add your #hashtag campaigns.
Create stunning social walls
to display on any screen!

Create #Hashtag

Tap into the buzz around a hashtag and
let user generated content tell your story.

Social walls for live events

Use Miappi to create a social wall for your next live event. Add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
Vine, Tumblr and Pinterest. Add hashtag content too and let the delegates tell their own story!

In-Store Displays

Increase customer dwell time and brand awareness
by showing engaging social media content on your in-store screens.

Add your owned social media feeds
Add your #hashtag campaigns

Design, curate and moderate your
content to showcase the very best bits

Display your social wall on any device,
store screen or at live events

Increase the reach of your social content
Improve your social media ROI

Take Back Control of Your Social Content

Companies can spend a huge amount of time and money creating original content for social media, but social networks, including Facebook, limit the amount of content shown to your followers. Some estimates say only 2% of your Followers see your posts.

To make matters worse, the proliferation of social networks means that customers  rarely get to see all the content intended for them.

Create a Social Media Wall

By creating a social media wall with Miappi you are taking back control. A social wall lets you maximize the reach of existing social media content.  Using Miappi you can curate and moderate your owned content, plus user generated content, to create a social experience perfectly pitched to your audience…an experience that you can be confident they will all see.

Add Feeds

Combine your own content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, Spotify and SoundCloud. You can also add third-party content from any social network. If someone is saying it publicly on social media, you can add it to your social hub!

Include Hashtags

Harness the buzz around a hashtag conversation and let your fans, followers and customers tell your story for you! Studies show that friends’ posts about a product have a greater influence on purchasing decisions than owned social media. Miappi lets you add user generated content (UGC) via hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.

Miappi social wall UI on iOs devices

Curate and Moderate

With the Miappi dashboard you have the control you need to create stunning social walls. Curate, edit and moderate content so only the very best bits of your social media are show to your audience.

User generated content can present the most exciting opportunities but with those comes risk.  Miappi’s moderation features let you filter content, hide content and block users.

Display Anywhere

Once you have created your perfect social media wall you can display it where it matters most to your audience. Use Miappi to embed your wall on a website, on POS screens or at an event.  Miappi has a set of features that make it the ideal partner for big and small screens. Your Miappi profile can even be converted into a native app (iOS and Android) opening the door to new audiences.

Design How You Want it

Make sure your Miappi is on-brand. Take control of the design of your Miappi by changing colors, logos, buttons and other elements.

Use Analytics

Use our analytics tools to measure how Miappi works for you. Look at dwell time on your social hub. Measure which posts are being viewed most. Understand interactions between Miappi and the social networks.

Miappi social wall analytics

Creating a social wall will increase the reach of your content





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