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How to Add Miappi to Your Website or Digital Display

Social Wall on Website - Example

Are you ready to collect, curate and display amazing content from all of your social channels on your website or digital screen? Whether you’re sharing fantastic feedback from followers on your homepage, presenting positive reviews next to products in your online store or connecting with guests at a live event via a digital display, our social walls make your social media marketing more powerful.

How to Add Social Wall to Your Website in 3 Steps?

1. Make sure your Miappi wall looks perfect

Before your shiny new social wall goes live on your website or screens, take some time to make sure it looks the part and matches the look and feel of your brand. To create a picture perfect social wall, click the Design tab in the left hand menu, then use the colour, font and background options to make sure your new tool blends seamlessly into your site. You can even pick different backgrounds for website and screen options or get more technical with our CSS editing option. Just remember to “Save changes” to update your design

Customize background
Customize CSS

2. Embed your wall on site

When you’re content with your social wall’s design, you’re ready to go live. Click on the Embed tab on the left hand menu to find your embed code. Here you can make even more tweaks, selecting the size of your wall and deciding how the wall will appear and behave on your website. When you’re happy with your settings, create an element in your website’s code with the ID “miappi frame”. The code should look like this:

<div id=”miappi-frame” style=”width: 400px; height: 400px;”></div>

Alter the width and height to adjust the shape and size of your social wall. Then, when the size is just right, embed the rest of the code anywhere before your webpage’s </body> tag.

3. Display your wall on screen

Do you want to display a live social wall at an event or in store? We’ve made this step really easy too. To bring your Miappi wall to life in the outside world, open a browser on the digital screen you’ll be using and visit the following URL to bring up a dynamic, full screen version instantly:

Not sure what your Miappi profile name is? No problem! Contact us for support or open up your Miappi dashboard using the same digital screen. Visit the Content tab on the left, then toggle Display mode before hitting Live View. This will bring your social wall up on your digital display.

If you’ve been impressed by our technology, why not take a test drive and Request A Demo? Once you’ve set up your Miappi, it’s easy to add Miappi to your website or digital display. If this stage sounds daunting, don’t panic – our technology is beautifully simple to use. Here’s how it’s done…

You can also learn more on how to create a social media wall for live events

See exactly how Miappi will look on a website or digital display and REQUEST A DEMO today. 

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