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Social Walls on Websites

With four distinct templates perfectly pitched and specifically designed to be embedded on webpages, you’ll find that each one has a range of additional fully customizable features and add-ons to help deliver a more interactive and engaging experience. Include call-to-actions, link tiles and e-commerce integrations in addition to being able to customize graphics and colour schemes to help best integrate your social wall into your website and get the most out of your social content.

Social Walls on Digital Display

Given that Display Mode social walls are formatted to be displayed on non-interactive digital screens, Display Mode templates focus on bringing your content to life with a range of unique and eye-catching animation styles. Like with website mode templates, fonts, color schemes and graphics are all fully customizable, with the additional option of adding your own custom adverts, footers and headers to your social wall also.




Social Wall Templates – FAQs

What is a social wall?

A social wall is a display which features a live feed of User Generated Content (UGC) from major social media channels, typically aggregated based on hashtags and mentions. Social walls are also referred to as embeds, widgets or a social feed.

Social walls allow any business to engage with their customers, giving these customers the ability to post content that is featured on websites & digital signage. Social walls are considered an impactful form of advertising as they allow consumers & fans alike to contribute content that helps inspire potential customers who are exposed to a social wall.

How to create a social wall?

To create a social wall you will need the help of a social media aggregator like Miappi, that possess the technology needed to curate, moderate & distribute content on a social wall in a seamless way. Using a social media wall as part of your marketing strategy allows you to generate buzz and build brand trust during the path to purchase.

What can you do with social wall?

With the help of the Miappi platform the possibilities of your social wall are endless. Thanks to Miappi social wall widget, your social wall can be embedded almost anywhere. Brands will benefit most from placing their UGC content in front of their potential customers during the purchase path.

Adding a social wall to your website is one of the most effective ways to get UGC content in front of potential customers online. The likes of Unilever, Mercedes Benz & Sprite are already doing this today with Miappi.

Brands can benefit from utilizing social walls out of home too with the help of Miappi’s Display mode. With the help of Miappi, British Airways were able to collect and visualize all the positive sentiment at a sell-out two day event. In addition, the likes of Puma have called on the help of the Miappi platform to seamlessly blend UGC content & powerful posts from brand endorsers in an engaging display in it’s flagship store in London. Read more.

How to choose the right template for your social wall?

Thanks to the Miappi platform, marketers are able to experiment with a selection of different social wall templates. Each template can be further customized with an array of interchangeable features at your disposal. These include:

  • Fonts & texts
  • Social wall colour
  • Footers & Headers
  • The order in which content is displayed
  • How content might be animated
  • The size of content windows

Whilst there are no rules as to how you should pick and choose your template, Miappi allows marketers to modify their social wall to suit the preference of the user however specific that might be. For instance a user may want to display captions & comments in post to help capture the way people are talking about the brand.  Alternatively a user may want videos to autoplay if a social wall is being used at an event.