Great features to find amazing stories

We don’t just collect and display content for our customers, we analyze it in detail to reveal the most compelling stories. Our latest features are designed to make it even easier to find and display your most valuable earned and owned content

Collection of 5 UGC images around the world to display on our social wall product


Sometimes it’s important to have the balance of high quality brand-owned assets as well as authentic user-generated content. Use Miappi to mix the best of your UGC with your most engaging brand-owned content for a social wall that blends the best of both.


Collect your most valuable user-generated content from around the globe. Identify your most your most influential contributors. Use  Performance Predictions to identify which content is going to perform best on your marketing channels. Use Miappi Engage to secure the permissions required to use contributor content in your marketing.
Curation of UGC across the world in our social wall product
Image analysis for earned social media content containing two bags


Moderate content yourself post-by-post or ask our team of in-house moderators to lend a hand. If all that sounds a bit like hard work just apply our suite of AI tools to analyze every photo and video, every tweet and turn of phrase. Informed by your preferences, our intelligent moderation instantly reveals your best digital assets without you having to lift a finger.  Take the guesswork out of your content short-listing with Performance Predictions, a feature that reveals how a piece of content will preform on your marketing channels.


Use the Customize page of the Miappi dashboard to select from a range of beautiful templates. Personalize the templates and adjust settings so your content wall is perfect for display on websites, digital signage, at live events, in email campaigns and on paid advertising.
Social Media Aggregator: Displaying UGC and brand social content on a social wall
a tablet showing an analytics page


Use a powerful suite of analytics tools to make sure your Miappi is having the required impact. Check visitor numbers, dwell time, location, demographics, devices used, most popular posts, most popular Calls to Action and many more.