Drive sales by increasing traffic to
your eCommerce site by displaying
your most compelling social proof.

Increase in dwell time when social media is part of the web page
Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms
Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds side by side
Increased sales when UGC present at point of purchase on a website

Add Social Proof to your

eCommerce site

With research showing it having a profoundly positive effect on dwell time, click through rates and conversions UGC and social proof are fast becoming an invaluable assets to businesses.
To help you best commercialise and utilise your social content, Miappi has developed a range of features which will allow you to drive sales, increase traffic to your eCommerce site and display the best of your customer reviews from places like Trust Pilot.

Link Tiles

The Link Tile functionality lets you add free-form tiles that serve as link to any other web pages. By simply uploading an image file from your device when creating one, link tiles can appear as anything you want them to. Whether you choose to redirect your followers to your online store, your blog or literally any other webpage you can think of, it is completely up to you.

Call To Actions & Miappi Monetize

Using Miappi’s dashboard interface, add call to actions (CTA) and relevant product images to any social media post within a couple of simple clicks. Draw prominence to desirable content, and use it to increase traffic to your eCommerce site where users can make a purchase; simplifying and speeding up what often be the convoluted process of purchasing online.



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