Stop duplicate content being
displayed on your Miappi Social
Wall with AI technology

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Attack Of The Clones

If you, like many other companies, use software like HootSuite to publish your social media content, it’s not unusual for the same or similar looking content to go to each of the social media networks. That’s not usually a problem of course but when you use a social media aggregator like Miappi, to republish that content as a social wall, it becomes very apparent to your audience that you are reposting the same content across different networks.
By reducing the time spent moderating and sifting through your content manually, our Duplicate detection software gives you the ability to instantly curate and showcase a healthy variety of content on your social wall.

How It Works

Unlike our competitors, who just let you prioritise one network over the other, our algorithm intelligently detects 95% of incoming duplicate posts and stacks them neatly under the post that was published first. By doing so, we’ve developed a solution that hides duplicate posts but leaves the audience free to discover them if they want….in case any small differences in content is important to them.
End users can identify that content by looking for the ‘+’ icon in the bottom left of the tile. Clicking the tile will reveal a pop-up. The user can then click between different versions of the post on the network of their choice. Voila.
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