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Miappi integrates with Trustpilot

Trustpilot integration

The Miappi team are always cooking up fresh ways to make our walls even more compelling for consumers and beneficial for businesses. Now we’ve added a whole new ingredient to the mix which will enhance the trust-building effect of Miappi walls by introducing positive reviews from authentic users.

Our brand new integration with Trustpilot allows brands to showcase the very best reviews from this respected online source, helping to nurture brand reputation and generate greater consumer trust. Combined with our increasingly sophisticated machine learning tools, our latest integration allows you to showcase all of the great things consumers are saying about your business, whilst keeping negativity away from your social wall.

In a digital landscape where what brands have to say about themselves in increasingly interpreted as bluster by savvy consumers, displaying positive content from real life users is a powerful way to build trust and brand reputation. When it comes to showcasing valuable, positive UGC (user generated content) our walls and tools are a fantastic asset – and they’re always getting better!

Let’s take a look under the bonnet to find out how our new integration works…

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is an online review community which was launched by Danish founder Peter Mühlmann back in 2007. Still Trustpilot’s CEO today, Peter saw an opportunity to help the ever-expanding legions of shoppers heading online to make their purchases, by building a community where consumers could share their digital shopping experiences. These shared experiences would help shoppers use the web more savvily to make their purchases, helping users pinpoint the best sellers and flag up the worst.

Home to 26 million reviews of 152,000+ businesses (and growing) Trustpilot is used by thousands of consumers who contribute an impressive 750,000+ reviews to the platform every month. With 20,000 new reviewers having their say every day, Trustpilot is a very valuable source of information for digital consumers worldwide. What do they have to say about your business?

Trustpilot & Miappi

If you’ve worked hard to develop a great service and a sparkling reputation online, you really should be showing it off. In today’s digital landscape, what brands have to say about themselves is increasingly ignored by consumers. Instead, it’s what other shoppers (just like them) have to say which carries the most weight when it comes to convincing would-be customers to convert.

Our integration with Trustpilot allows you to harness the power of this type of valuable UGC (User Generated Content), showcasing all of those glowing five star reviews which persuade digital consumers to buy from you.

Smarter selection through artificial intelligence

But this new integration doesn’t simply pull Trustpilot reviews through to your Miappi social wall. It also allows you to carefully curate the reviews you display without you needing to lift a single moderating finger. We’ve been developing the machine learning capabilities of our social walls behind the scenes for the past year, making it possible for you to showcase the ultimate blend of UGC and social content, with no need for direct moderation.

From picking the most positive reviews and banishing the bad with smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) and sentiment analysis, to showcasing the most appropriate user generated images with ImageScan, the clever machine learning behind Miappi’s visual marketing engine makes honing your showcased content very simple, saving you time and energy.

Whether our tools are picking out the most shared positive content on Twitter, or surfacing new five star Trustpilot reviews, our content marketing platform makes the content which is most valuable to your business visible, with very little maintenance required.

How to add Trustpilot to your Miappi wall

Adding Trustpilot reviews to your social wall is very straightforward. Here’s how to get set up…

  1. Under the Curate tab in your Miappi dashboard, navigate to the Feeds section
  2. Under the Other feeds section you’ll find the Trustpilot icon
  3. Select this icon, add your website’s URL and click Add, this will pull through all of your Trustpilot reviews which you can then choose to moderate manually or leave to our smart AI tools to curate.

We’re always adding new platforms to our content marketing platform. Stay tuned for fresh integrations with other review websites and for fresh tools which help you make the valuable visible on any digital touchpoint.

Make the valuable visible. REQUEST A DEMO today to showcase amazing content which presents your brand at its best.

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