Case Study

Bringing UGC to British Airways’ flagship event

In June 2015 British Airways selected Miappi to power the digital screens at its Explore and Discover event held at Heathrow.

Miappi delivered beautiful, animating social media hubs to large digital displays throughout the venue, two massive aircraft hangars, one of which contained Concorde, an aircraft that quickly became the star of the show.

Our key goal was to play a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable experience for all BA employees, visitors and performers by collecting, curating and displaying all the social media chatter around this massive event.

Miappi brought together the brilliantly visual user-generated content as guests responded enthusiastically to the hashtag #DiscoverBA.

20,000 people attended the event and a pretty good number of those seemed to have something nice to say on social media! Miappi made sure all of that positive sentiment was collected and visualised on the day.

The event itself proved to be a huge success since the second day tickets were quickly sold out and BA had to organize two half-day events on Sunday instead of one! This prompted the client to re-distribute all this amazing earned content collected by Miappi to a micro-site specifically engineered for the said event.

The results of this integration were spectacular. When comparing the first 6 months with the first 6 months of the next year, the dwell time increased by 140%, while the average session duration on-site increased by almost 160%.