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Konstantinos Vgenopoulos

User-generated content on paid ads
New Digital Era
February 22, 2018

How Paid Ads Benefit from Authentic User-Generated Content

User-generated content is no longer an optional add-on for digital marketers. After all, 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source. 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions.And this makes sense. After all, marketers have long been aware of…
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News sharing between friends
How To's
February 13, 2018

8 Simple Tips on Content Sharing

We all want people to share our content. After all, it’s a type of earned, organic publicity which enables you to reach more people without spending more money. The problem is that there’s no magic bullet and no easy way to guarantee content sharing. How to get people to share…
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Girl in front of the Eiffel tower
Digital Marketing Best Practice
February 2, 2018

Instagram Widget: Why is it Necessary for Your Business?

Instagram has always been a popular choice for marketers. Even before it was bought by Facebook for what now seems like the bargain price of $1 billion. Nowadays, it’s more relevant than any other social network for certain audiences. It’s rapidly become one of the most important social networks for…
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Social media marketing tools, Facebook icon
Blog roundups
January 23, 2018

2018 Social Media Marketing Tools

With another year well underway, it’s time to take stock of where we are and to prepare for the months to come. With the social media industry constantly evolving at such a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. At the same time,…
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best social media campaigns in 2017
Blog roundups
January 11, 2018

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2017

It was a year of exciting new social media marketing campaigns and surprising new trends. That’s why we’re about to take a look at just a few of the best social media campaigns of 2017. As we start to settle in for another year of creativity and innovation in the…
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viral social media
December 14, 2017

8 Viral Social Media Scams That Fooled the World

“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” Shakespeare noted this back in the 1500s and yet, even today, we fail to realize when we are being fools who are being fooled. To be fair, it can be quite hard to…
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Fashion microinfluencers
Blog roundups
November 22, 2017

5 Fashion microinfluencers blowing up Instagram right now

Whether you’re looking for fashion microinfluencers who already speak directly to your demographics, or simply want to give your label a little more exposure, hooking up with a microinfluencer on Instagram could mean big benefits for your brand. Fantastic for giving products and companies an instant “human face” and brilliant…
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Holiday marketing campaigns - Good abd Bad Examples
Blog roundups
November 16, 2017

Good and Bad Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The best 5 and worst 5 holiday marketing campaigns The holiday season is almost round the corner. We can almost smell pumpkin spiced lattes and pigs in blankets. It’s time for holiday marketing campaign! Brands of all sizes are always very keen to take advantage of holidays be it Halloween,…
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Best influencer marketing campaigns
November 7, 2017

5 of the best influencer marketing campaigns & how they worked

Sometimes, hundreds of “how tos” can feel overwhelming. As luck would have it, we have a cure for that. If you’re suffering from “hack fatigue”, we’ve rounded up some excellent examples of best influencer marketing campaigns, to show you how it all hangs together…We offer our fair share of ideas,…
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Influencer marketing
Blog roundups
September 21, 2017

Influencer marketing: What it is and how you can harness it.

The logic of the playground has come to digital marketing, and it’s helping brands both big and small to thrive. If you haven’t come across influencer marketing before, you’ve probably been on a digital detox or stranded on a remote island without WiFi for the past two years. Everyone from…
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