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5 ways to generate “must-see” UGC.

If you haven’t heard us banging on about the sheer horsepower of UGC (User Generated Content) before, you’re probably new to Miappi. We spend a whole lotta time preaching about the benefits of this fresh type of content because, when it comes to triggering conversions, boosting click-throughs and maximising engagement, UGC is real, measurable gold dust.

Fantastic for beating the burnout many consumers feel when confronted by run-of-the-mill brand-owned content, UGC is a breath of fresh air for both buyers and brands. A vote of confidence from a real-life user goes a lot further than a bunch of branded boasting – and this theory is borne out by the numbers…

But enough already! If you’d like to learn more about the boost UGC can give your business, take a peek through the Miappi blog back catalogue, it’s full of helpful information covering everything from how UGC boosts engagement, to why UGC is particularly powerful when used outside of traditional channels.

For now, however, we’re going to assume that you’re a UGC convert, ready to put this organic content type into action and generate great results for your business.

In order to do that, you’re going to need some of the “good stuff” to kick off your UGC-focused strategy. Just as no Ferrari can function without fresh fuel, you’re going to need a dependable source of positive UGC to make your new approach work. Here are a few ways to source the juicy UGC you need…

  1. Mine your existing resources

Before you put any UGC-generation strategies into action, it’s a good idea to take stock of the resources you already have. It’s highly likely that your brand has plenty of UGC to draw on without you even knowing it.

Just type your brand name into Twitter or Instagram, we’re willing to bet plenty of UGC is ready and waiting to be used out there in the social media sphere. Any good reviews you’ve received from customers (whether directly or on review sites like Trustpilot) make fantastic UGC, which you can repost with the author’s permission.

Our handy tools make uncovering and collecting these resources really easy. Our machine-learning apps can even source specific UGC based on your unique criteria, whether you only want to republish purple images or only want to see posts which use extremely positive language.

  1. Get geographical

Social media users may not have directly tagged your brand in a post which showcases your product or service, but if you have brick and mortar premises, searching by geo tag can help you uncover fantastic UGC which shows off your business through the eyes of a happy customer.

  1. Create a consumer-focused hashtag

UGC, as you might expect, is all about users. “Harvesting” this content should, therefore be all about your customers. Brand-owned content has gradually lost its potency over the past decade because it’s self-centred and does little for consumers (except sell them a “lifestyle”). UGC has gained power and effectiveness because it does exactly the opposite – it empowers consumers, putting their voices at the forefront of marketing campaigns.

Creating a consumer-focused hashtag which encourages your customers to express themselves and share a little bit of their world is, therefore, an inspiring way to generate UGC. For example, encouraging the use of #MeAndMiappi is likely to generate far more UGC than a simple self-centered #Miappi hashtag. Make sure you display your audience-focused hashtag prominently on your social media bios, branded materials, website and even store signage to help it catch on.

  1. Put on a show

Events are fantastic sources of UGC. Inviting active social media users – particularly industry influencers – can get users sharing positive user content relating to your business all over the web. Make sure your event is visually stimulating to encourage attendees to snap photographs they’ll want to share – and feature your chosen brand or event hashtag as prominently as possible to make surfacing the ensuing UGC really easy. For more info on how to build a buzz around your event read our guide.

  1. Run a competition

Perhaps one of the best-known methods of generating UGC is to host a competition online. Consumers love to showcase their talents – and to win. Finding the perfect balance between these two things will help you generate the maximum UGC.

After carefully exploring your target market’s interests (by connecting with your consumers via social media and conducting customer research), develop an inspiring and creative competition which provides a platform for your audience’s talents but also gives plenty of consumers the opportunity to win prizes.

Whether it’s a lip-sync competition which showcases the best performer everyday (while sending out freebies to five random entrants), or a creative challenge involving your product, this type of competition will ensure UGC flows thick and fast.

Miappi makes it easy to discover, curate and display your most compelling UGC. Let us show you how to ensure valuable user content never slips through the cracks and persuasive marketing material generates fantastic results for your business. Talk to our of our experts and REQUEST A DEMO today.

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