Teams and Live Sporting Events

Create Social Walls to Amplify the Reach of Your #Hashtag and Social Media Campaigns.

Make Sports Events More Interactive

At your next sports fixture why not tap into the social media buzz surrounding the event?  Use Miappi to create an amazing, animating Social Wall packed with the very best content from social media.

Include team updates from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other networks. Add game-time updates from fans via #hashtag campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine, then use the Miappi dashboard to design, curate and moderate that content before displaying it back to your fans on screens at the game, on your website or both.


Increase in dwell time when social media is part of the web page


Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms


Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds side by side

7 %

Increased sales when UGC present at point of purchase on a website

Keep fans glued to your websites

The nature of sports teams lends itself to content being scattered far and wide. You don’t just have to be aware of your own social profiles, and the user generated content that comes from fans, but also from tie in’s with other brands, sponsors or even venues. This means that your team is potentially represented across a huge number of touch points across the web. Miappi lets you gather all of these conversations into one place, and is a great incentive to keep fans engaged with your website.

Make games more interactive for fans

A Miappi social wall can be displayed on any screen, which makes it perfect for live events. Showcase the best content from your team, your sponsors and, crucially, from your fans – Miappi gives fans an opportunity of showing their support live during the game, with the potential that their, Tweet, Post, image or video will appear on the big screen. For those of a nervous disposition, don’t worry…you can apply the Miappi Moderation features so that only the best content gets shown!

Gather insights

Miappi includes an Analytics feature that gives you insights into teh ways your social media is being seen and interacted with by your fans. heck out the most popular posts, when they were viewed and on what device. Use your Google Analytics tracking code we can give much more detailed picture of interactions with your social walls.

Control your brand and your reputation

For sports teams, so much rests on online reputation, not only for yourself but for your sponsors. Miappi has advanced features for curating and filtering content so you can rest easy in the knowledge that only the most positive and productive interactions with fans will be included, wherever you choose to display the feed.

Case Study

London based Premier League soccer team, Crystal Palace FC, approached Miappi to amplify social media content on their fansite

Powerful Features

Miappi has some key features that will help your business get the most out of a social media wall.

Add #hashtag campaigns

Add user generated content via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine hashtags. Let your customers and fans tell the story for you.

Connect your feeds

Add your owned social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Spotify and more. Have a request for a specific network? Ask us and we’ll try to add it for you.

Curate and moderate

Use the powerful Miappi dashboard features to design your social wall. Curate and moderate the content from your owned feeds and #hashtag campaigns. Display the very best content to your audience.

Display content everywhere

Showcase your social wall on any website, app or use our Display mode for live events and store screens. Or just add a link to your page and direct your audience to your social wall on

Call to Action

Add a call to action (CTA) button to any social media post or add an entire promotional Link Tile to your social wall. Use them to drive traffic to other important pages on your website or to any other URL.

Geo-fenced content

Add location data to ensure you are collecting content for a specific geographical area…the venue for your event for example, or a restaurant or hotel location.



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