Social Media Walls for Charities and NGOs

Create a social media wall and take back control of your content. Add your own feeds, add your supporter’s voices via #hashtag conversations, then publish your social wall to any marketing channel.

Making Social Media Work for Charities

Social networks limit the amount of content shown to your followers. In fact, some estimates say only 2% of people see your posts. To make matters worse you are probably posting to multiple social networks these days which means your supporters rarely get to see all the compelling content you produce. That’s where a social wall comes in.

Using Miappi your supports see every bit of content you produce. You can add content streams from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine and more. Then display all of that content on one beautiful social wall where users can explore every post, tweet, image and video…without algorithms deciding what they should and shouldn’t see! And why not let your supporters have a say too? With Miappi you can add #hashtag conversations from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine.

Once you’re happy with your content streams you can use the Miappi dashboard to design, curate and moderate the content. The result will be a beautifully designed, user friendly social wall you can display at any merketing touchpoint.


Increase in dwell time when social media is part of the web page


Content visibility when using a social media wall with no ranking algorithms


Increased content discovery when showing 4 social media feeds side by side

7 %

Increased sales when UGC present at point of purchase on a website

Regular Content Helps Raise Awareness

Wherever you decide to publish your social wall you can be sure it will always look fresh. As long as you continue to pull content from the social networks your social wall will look bang up to date, and hey, if you’re featuring user generated content you might find your in-house workload is reduced too!

Preparing for a Live Event or DOOH Campaign?

Make you next event interactive with the Miappi Display wall. Tap into the buzz around your next event with a social media wall. Get supporters to add their support to your cause using #hashtags. Miappi will showcase this support on an animating Display wall that you can playback on any and every screen you like.

Case Study

On February 4th 2016, Miappi helped Cancer Research UK bring the voice of the people to screens across the United Kingdom.  Using the hashtag #adaytounite, Miappi enabled CRUK to collect the messages of thousands of people across the UK and the world. #adaytounite gave people a way to express their emotions and their support for the fight against cancer, a fight that Miappi is all too proud to support.
Cancer Research UK logo

Powerful Features

Miappi has some key features that will help your business get the most out of a social media wall.

Add #hashtag campaigns

Add user generated content via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine #hashtags to add valuable peer reviews at the point of purchase.

Connect your feeds

Add feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to enhance your digital signage with evergreen social content.

Curate and moderate

Use the powerful Miappi dashboard features to design your social wall. Curate and moderate the content from your owned feeds and #hashtag campaigns. Display only what matters to your audience.

Display content everywhere

Showcase your social wall at live events, on corporate comms screens or on screens in retail or hospitality sites.

Advertorial content

Augment your social content by including adverts and/or videos to play at set intervals.

Geo-fenced content

Add location data to ensure you are collecting content for a specific geographical area…the venue for your event for example, or a restaurant or hotel location.



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